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PLEASE NOTE: The listed documents are subject to modification through the Addendum process and it shall be the vendor’s responsibility to verify the issuance of Addendum(s) prior to the closing date. These documents are available in Portable Document Format (.PDF) by clicking on the document number. For additional information concerning the below referenced construction and facilities related solicitations, please contact the appropriate buyer shown within the solicitation documents. If you have requested to be on the Construction or Design Professional Email Distribution List and you are not receiving the email, then you need to set your email to receive bulk or "spam" emails from ASU.

Bid/Proposal Openings and Pre-Bid/Proposal meetings will be held at the University Services Building (USB) located at 1551 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85287-5212 unless otherwise noted.

Email Distribution Lists - We do not register vendors at this time. To update/add info to our design professional or construction company courtesy lists, email your contact information (Contact Name, Firm Name, Email, Firm Address, Firm Phone number) to

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CMAR 11472

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CMAR 11472

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3:00 PM MST, Arizona Time

Opening in USB 2131

Pre-Submittal Conference will be held at 10:30 AM, MST, 04/25/16 in Room MU 228, (Cochise) at the Memorial Union of Arizona State University Tempe Campus.


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2014 ASU Tri-University Annual RFQ




2014 ASU Tri-U ARQ


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This is the current RFQ and it is effective through 12/31/18. Firms can submit or change submittals at any time. The annual Renewal notice will be sent out in early January of each year.