why we did this

Hi. We are ASU students, and we remember what it's like trying to choose a college ... all the questions, all the mail, wishing we could just talk to some college students to find out what life was really like. So we put together this project as a way for you to hear from current ASU students like us. Hope this helps.

- the ASU unscripted team


the student team (past and present)

  • Michael Duah, Interaction Design
  • Danny Gurrola, Film & Media Production
  • Jordan Frakes, Journalism
  • Barton Robison, Film & Media Production (now alum)
  • Danny Vega, BIS–Film & Philosophy (now alum)
  • Leah Paraso, Communications (now alum)

You Only Get One Freshman Year"because you only live once, and I hate to say that phrase but if you look around ..."

What AZ students have to say "I've lived in a whole bunch of different states, and there's no place I'd rather be than here ..."

International Students at ASU"the ASU campus is international student friendly, very friendly ..."

Transferring to ASU"before transferring to ASU, I was definitely nervous because ..."

Research@ASU"I'm actually in the lab doing the work ... it's kind of ground-breaking ..."

ConnectingASU students talk about how they make new friends and connections

Barrett Honors College"It was the best choice I ever made in my entire life ..."

MajorsWe have so many majors ...

Downtown Phoenix Campus"Downtown is amazing. Everything is here for you, and everything is really close ... "

Polytechnic Campus"I’ve been here my entire college career, and I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world ..."

Tempe Campus"No matter who you are, where you came from, or what you’re interested in… anybody can find a community here ... "

West Campus"Every class that I’m in has inspired me … I’m excited to make a difference ..."

Jaclyn: National Achievement Scholar"Anything I can imagine being able to do at college, ASU has given me those opportunities ..."

Mara: National Merit Scholar" sounded really unique… so I became really interested, came to Arizona and the rest is history ... "

Michael: National Hispanic Scholar"It’s a nationally recognized college that has international connections ... "

Student Teaching Program"It's very different than the traditional student teaching experience ..."

you asked:
advice from current students

you asked: roommates

you asked:
how do you beat the heat

you asked:
what do you like about your major

you asked:
how do you get around

you asked:
mac or pc?

you asked:
what's your favorite place to eat

you asked:
what should I bring to college?