Transcript for the ASU Prospective Student Video

1. Introduction

A fast-paced montage of images of technology, education and the arts as a voice over speaks:

What’s your future going to look like?  And are you just going to wait for it?  Or are you going to go after it?
 What drives you?  What inspires you?  How are you going to make an impact?  This is the place where you can figure that out. This is Arizona State University

Short interviews with current ASU students:

Obafemi, who is a Computer Science major says:
I just want to be able to love and have passion for what I do, ‘cause the way I see it, if I’m doing that, I won’t be working a day in my life

Maisoon - There’s such a unique energy on this campus in classes I have people from every part of the world, from every state in the US.

Raphael - I wanted to find something that was diverse.  I wanted to have an experience that would open me up to as many different kinds of things as possible

Mallory:  I feel so lucky that I’m able to use state-of-the-art equipment that I am able to be surrounded by people who have been in the industry for years

Ranna:  My major combines math, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. Its up and coming, its very cutting-edge. I think that’s what ASU is all about, being innovative and doing something that no one else has done.

Chell: Being here, and being a part of the creation of the New American University, of watching something take place in education that isn’t taking place hardly anywhere else in the united states or in the world. That’s what excites me. That’s why I’m here.


2. Finding your Niche

Zach: People that are looking for a huge university they will find it here. People that are looking for a more intimate smaller experience you’ll find it here too

Matthew: The size of Arizona State University is great, and its great because in many ways because it functions the way society functions.

John:  you’ve got the resources of a large university (the libraries, the computer infrastructure), but you’ve also got places like the honors college, which offer you the feeling of being in a small liberal arts college


Raphael:  The opportunity to move around and experience different kinds of things was so simple.

Maisoon:  So I did come in undecided and to figure out what I wanted to do there was a lot of support you have academic advisors and they truly care about what you want to do.

Raphael:  and that’s kind of how I was able to pursue, graphic design, travel and tourism, medicine: And then I found industrial design, product development and that’s where it really hit home to me.

Cameron: start with what you are passionate about, start with what you think you really want to do, but ya know be willing to change it.  Be willing to grow in a different direction than you might have expected.

Zach:  You can really pick and choose what you want to do and the faculty will help you and steer you in the right direction.  You can find your niche here, I mean I did.

3. Your academic experience

Graphics/VO (and/or admin interview) – The best college experience is the one that you are excited there’s a lot here, so explore the possibilities. But whichever path you take, you’ll be at a top-ranked university with faculty who bring real world experience and forward thinking to the classroom.

Cameron:  So while I’ve been at ASU, I would say that I’ve really met some of the most interesting people that I’ve ever met in my life and many of those people have been professors.

Usha:  I ah wanted to be at a university that puts its students as the top priority. And that’s what I see happening at ASU.  Students are our priority.

John: Our goal here at ASU is too provide the skills that enable the students to continuing developing once they graduate.

Maisoon:  definitely I’ve connected with professors here on a level that I never expected to.

John: and we’re always available for you to come, talk to us.  Not only about the ideas and the things we talk about in classes, but where you want to go with your education.

At ASU, we believe in an education that prepares us to impact society around us. How can you apply your knowledge? A transdisciplinary education where you’ll learn from experts in many fields regardless of your major is at the core of the ASU experience

Crow: What we’re about is designing the solutions to the problems that we are confronting today and there isn’t any kind of problem that you can conceptualize that you can’t learn to solve here and I think one of the things that sets us apart from other universities is that we ‘re not static you don’t come here and learn something that you learned 20 year s ago you come here and learn where the edges of disciplines are.


Chad: we were asked to create a brand new medical device that answers a question that researchers in the medical field are asking and make a device that is now becoming a business.  And when I tell people about it they are like well you’re not masters students and you probably wont get very far, but that’s not what our professor say as they back us up.

Doug:  We are a Research institution, which means that the faculty that you have, whatever campus you’re on, are faculty that are nationally and internationally known and on the cusp of the research they are doing.

Lee:  My goal is to interact with students in everything that I do.  Students are bright and have ideas and enthusiasm and energy, and they make things happen.

Ranna:  to be treated like another researcher is wonderful because you’re not just sitting and cleaning dishes.  You’re getting to do more.  You’re getting to use you’re creative thinking to make a difference.

Chris:  I was able to go down to Mexico to do archeologically research for a summer and then continue that into a project for the next year that I have loved working on.  To be able to go to another country and do paid research, as an undergraduate is just amazing. I have very few friends anywhere else in the country doing something that incredible.

AJ:  So I’m sitting here at the Biodesign Institute at ASU.  It’s a cutting-edge, world-class facility where biological research is conducted and as an undergraduate I have had the privilege of being able to work here.  It really is beyond anything I could have ever imagined:

Alice: We have a lot of industry sponsoring and that’s just phenomenal for people who want that hands on experience

??? The relationship with these companies is much deeper than what many universities have. Its not please gave us a handout its no please interface with us and work with our students and let them and us help solve problems for you and maybe we can create something symbiotic.

Jason/Intel:  It has been very critical for us to establish a long-term relationship with Arizona State.  It’s a win, win for both Intel and the University. In fact Intel hires more graduates out of ASU than any other university and this is going across multiple disciplines.


Ranna:  Its unreal that undergraduates are doing the things that they are doing here.


4. Key to your success

Animation of a support for success graphic fly through showing different academic support resources while the voice over speaks.

Beyond the support that you’ll receive from your professors, ASU’s extensive resources will always be by your side From academic advisors and degree tracking tools to online and in-person tutoring to your own personalized website that helps you keep tabs on your ASU experience…At ASU, you are surrounded with resources to succeed.

Obafemi:  I think the number one way I have been successful here at ASU is by accessing those resources everyday.

Ranna:  The key to succeeding at ASU is to get involved.

Zach:  there’s so many clubs and organizations here at ASU and so many opportunities

AJ:  If something isn’t available to you, you can start it.

Dale:  whoever thought that an 18 year old, that’s a freshman would be able to start his own group on campus and actually get members involved

Laura:  Being involved in on campus clubs and organization definitely brought forth my sun devil spirit, but what really made my experience, was living on campus

Cameron:  because it is an opportunity really to build your family here and that group of people that you’re probably going to be friends with the rest of your life.

Laura:  living on campus with my fellow Sun Devils you just have that pride and you bleed maroon and gold.

Dale:  I love face painting and getting all ready and dressed up ya know to go to the games

AJ:  It draws you in and you become a Sun Devil and it becomes part of who you are.


5. Choosing where you want to live

When you’re not rooting on the Sun Devils you will be enjoying life in a great college town located in America’s sunniest metropolis Phoenix is one of the few American cities that offers the amenities of a large city alongside an awesome outdoor lifestyle and with more than 85,000 employers and major corporations calling the region home Phoenix means business and you have great internship and job opportunities. ASU is rooted in the heart of the Southwest a short drive will take you to the mountains, the ocean, or some of the most dramatic landscapes anywhere in the world. At the center of it all
We have four different campuses in the metro Phoenix area Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West. Each campus has a different look, feel, and size.

Laura: The Tempe campus is really unique it brings together new and old architecture and you’ve got arts, and athletics, and it’s just a great place to study.

Usha: Our downtown campus is relatively new.

Mark L: Downtown is special we’re close to all of the major newsmakers which is critical to journalism

Chell:  The Polytechnic campus is very unique because it was built on the idea of infusing technology and science and engineering and business together

Dale: and it’s amazing the tight knit community that I’ve been able to establish here, but then you are still a part of ASU, still a part of that bigger campus.  That experience is something I wouldn’t be able to find at another university.

Doug:  At the west campus we’ve been very focused around liberal arts and education and business and a focus on community access.

Alexis: The west campus is a very private more intimate environment.

Usha:  The key thing to remember is we are still a part of one organization. We participate in events across the campuses, we really are one big university we just have multiple doors.

Obafemi: ASU just makes me feel greatness. Pretty much greatness packaged up in a college box.

Mark:  as soon as the students walks in the door, I think they’re going to realize this is the place they’re going to want to be, because its state of the art, its an unparallel experience in education and it’s a special place that students feel comfortable and they feel welcome

Mallory: I found myself here.  I found out who I am, who I want to be, and the career I want to go into.

Laura:  And I feel confident that whatever is coming next, I’m ready

Matthew:  The spirit is intense, the education is top-notch, the faculty is top-notch, we’re engaged and energetic, you have peers here who are doing wonderful things, its situated in a beautiful city, the weather’s wonderful.  This is the place to be.

Zach:  If you want to make the most of your college experience, its here at ASU, it really is.

Voice Over: So what’s next? Join us online Take the next step. It’s time for you to be a Sun Devil. \


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