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ASU and iTunes U join forces  

A finalized agreement between ASU and iTunes U will now allow the University Technology Office (UTO) to move forward using podcasting technology as an integral part of ASU’s strategy to enhance teaching, learning, and research.  iTunes U at ASU will combine ASU’s authentification system and Apple’s repository of educational podcasts into a unified space created by and for ASU faculty.  Podcasting has emerged as a viable means of developing and distributing instructionally sound programming that can advance on-line education and/or enhance blended classroom experience.  ASU is now prepared to leverage this technology to its greatest benefit.

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What Is A Podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is a digital audio file that you subscribe to via the internet. What sets a podcast apart from a basic downloadable or streamable audio file (mp3, wav, aiff, au) is the subscription process. Using an aggregator (from Wikipedia) that retrieves and interprets syndicated information, users are able to receive updates about new audio posts and, in some cases, download them directly to their personal listening device (iPod, mp3 player, computer).This service is also built in to other programs such as Firefox, Safari, websites such as Google, MyYahoo, and Newsgator and podcatchers (from Wikipedia) such as iTunes and Juice. For more information about podcasting, click on the Resouces link in the top menu.

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

1. Download an aggregator (ex. FeedReader, AmphetaDesk, BottomFeeder) or podcatcher (iTunes).
2. Click on the "subscribe", "RSS feed", or "XML" link on the website you'd like to subscribe to.
3. Copy the URL of the page that comes up (this will have a .rss or .xml file extension).
4. Open the aggregator or audio software program and "Add Feed".
5. Paste this RSS or XML address into the program.

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