James Sallis

James SallisJames Sallis has published fourteen novels, among them the Lew Griffin books ("perhaps the only six-volume series with a surprise ending"), Death Will Have Your Eyes, The Killer Is Dying, and Drive, the basis for Nic Refn's award-winning film.  Jim's other books include a translation of Raymond Queneau's novel Saint Glinglin, the standard biography of Chester Himes, three volumes of musicology, and multiple collections of stories, essays, and poems.  In the 60s he edited the groundbreaking, now legendary magazine New Worlds in London.  He has worked extensively as reviewer and critic, for three years as books columnist for the Boston Globe.  Some years back he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Bouchercon, and just this year, from the International Association of Crime Writers, the Hammett Award for literary excellence.  Jim teaches advanced writing courses at Phoenix College.