James Cervantes

James Cervantes is the author of six previous collections of poetry. He was editor of Porch, a print journal, The Salt River Review, an online magazine, and is currently editing poetry for Sol, out of San Miguel de Allende. Cervantes has been publishing poetry in print since 1969 and almost exclusively online since 1997. Once upon a time, he could truthfully claim to be a professional musician, a cellist, as a matter of fact.

His latest book, Sleepwalker’s Songs: New & Selected Poems, is a compilation of thirty new poems and selected poems from six previously published collections: from Mr. Bondo’s Unshared Life, Vida Loca Books, 2007, Temporary Meaning, Hamilton Stone Editions, 2006, Changing the Subject, in collaboration with Halvard Johnson, Red Hen Press, 2004, Live Music (chapbook) Pecan Grove Press, 2001, The Headlong Future, New Rivers Press, St. Paul, MN, 1990, and The Year Is Approaching Snow, W.D. Hoffstadt & Sons, Syracuse, NY, 1981.

James Cervantes’s Sleepwalker’s Songs seems so sane, its light so much that of the quotidian, that it is only with a certain shock (like that produced by a dream remembered) that one realizes what one has really experienced. - T.R. Hummer

Cervantes, one can reasonably assume, believes longing is its own music. Be forewarned. These are the poems of someone who knows the dangers in such music and has chosen to dance to it anyway. - Sam Pereira

Cervantes has always been an unpredictable, intriguing and delightful poet. Sleepwalker’s Songs is an outstanding collection full of marvelous jaunts and inquiries, and the deeply felt embrace of whatever happens. - Pamela Stewart

These poems are laced with declarative surprise, locating eternity within each available moment. - Sheila E. Murphy

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