Kristin Prevallet




I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time, Essay Press, 2007.

D'un Devenir Fantome: Formes poetique en temps de deuil (traduction collective de l'american au cipM relue par Emmanuel Hocquard & Juliette Valery), Un bureau sur l'Atlantique, 2006.

Shadow Evidence Intelligence, Factory School, 2006.

Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image-Text Projects. Skanky Possum Press, 2003.

Perturbation, My Sister: A Study of Max Ernst's Hundred Headless Woman, First Intensity, 1997.


Je, au-dela (essai en temps de deuil). Translated by Sandra Moussempes and Francoise Valery.
Editions de l'Attente, 2007.

Emulation Etudes.New Haven, CT: Phylum Press, 2002.

Red. San Francisco, CA: Second Story Books, 2001.

Inside the Belly of the Iceman. Portland, ME: OASIA Broadside Series #84, 2001.

Selections from The Parasite Poems, Cambridge, UK: Barque Press, 1999.

Lead, Glass, and Poppy, Washington, DC:Primitive Publications, 1996.

28 for the Road. Buffalo, NY: Meow Press, 1995.

Edited Works


A Helen Adam Reader, edited with an introduction by Kristin Prevallet. Orono, MI: The National Poetry Foundation.

Third Mind: Creative Writing Through Visual Art, co-edited with an introduction by Kristin Prevallet and Tonya Foster. New York, NY: Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 2002.

A Poetics of Criticism, edited by Juliana Spahr, Mark Wallace, Pam Rehm, and Kristin Prevallet. Buffalo, NY: Leave Books, 1995.

Magazines, a website for Word and Image Studies, dedicated to the French/American exchange of contemporary poetry, culture, and art (co-edited with a team)

apex of the M, a journal of poetry, essays, and archival material. Six issues published between Spring 1994 and Fall 1997 (co-edited with Alan Gilbert, Lew Daly, Pam Rehm)

Leave Books from 1993-1996. A chapbook series that published the work of contemporary experimental poets (co-edited with Juliana Spahr and Mark Wallace)

Articles and Essays

Essays and Reviews Published in Web Magazines

Letters from Citizen Kay

"Writing is Never By Itself Alone: Six Mini Essays on Relational Investigative Poetics"
Fence (Spring/Summer 2003)

Navigating the New Chaos: Anne Waldman's Collaborations with Visual Artists, Jacket #27; previously published in mark(s) quarterly of the arts.

The artful wordiness of materials: Joe Brainard & Poetry, Jacket # 16 (March 2002)

Interview with Kenward Elmslie, Jacket #16 (March 2002)

Questions of Engagement: Politics, Sartre, and Action Poetique, Click on DoubleChange Issue #2.

Risking It: Politics, Teaching, Translation. Raintaxi (Summer 2003)

From Godzilla to the NASDEQ Tower: The Collages of Holli Schorno, The Transcendental Friend #14.

Helen Adam's Sweet Company: The Collages, Riding the Meridian v2 n2

The Exquisite Extremes of Poetry: Watten and Baraka on the Brink, Jacket #12

Jack Spicer's Hell in Homage to Creeley, Jacket #7

Gathering vs. Collecting (Correspondence with Jackson MacLow), Slought Foundation .pdf

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Emergency Landing Procedures

Catalogue of Lost Glimpses

Tales for Caw

The Breeders


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Oil Oil Oil (Cruelty and Conquest)

Constellation Revenge

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Dedications to the Parasites

"Prologue to the Birth of an Angel" by Jean Cocteau (translation)

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Playing LPs for Poetic Effect

Dream of Financial Ruin