Lone Ranging Romance 2004-2008


LONE RANGING ROMANCE 2004 - 2008 is a longing for larger than life hotdogs, utopian cream cakes, kaleidoscopes of Volvos and epic proportions.

GilbertandGrape have made the pledge to drive from the south to the north of Norway in a 1967 Volvo Amazon with their lone ranger, a 20 kilo stuffed moose head in the back seat. Driving through urban and rural landscapes with the immense dedication and commitment to their quest to return the lone ranger to the sunset in Nordkapp where the midnight sun never sets.

The field notebook presents a cross section of their journey so far and orientation of the detours they have encountered.  It invites the reader to contribute an instruction for a detour to the project in the form of a drawing.


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GilbertandGrape is Anne-Marte Eidset Rygh and Helen Pritchard.  They work within a genre they choose to refer to as performance journalism .  The work often takes the form of a text, performance or video.  Through epic actions and gigantic proportions they look to explore a longing to collaborate with each other and the people they meet.  They have shown work internationally since 2003 including Transmodernage (USA), KISSS, conical gallery (Australia) and Rogaland Kunst Senter (Norway).

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