Maggie O'Sullivan

quag edge, ear lone


quag edge, ear lone,
Quakes mute,

Sittest invest

Thriving swell, hilling thy
bill, Suited doth jellied

mayhap, dressed desolate mystic
thread remotest stag pervades.

ear unventured gazed

dread breath Hiding wild
restless ever most
tempests each sight,
power heartens roughest wave.

Yet shun skulking
tepid stride flings loss)

-And sinky Streaking fringed
Free slay, cracking reach
thou stretch still
thy love; I
solitudes unbounded heart dignifying
sky Smile fly cordial
Thine each is
‘ tis that


what there is – it is sown a restiveless fault-line to the next suffuse token to stoop to stoop – (to mis,lose) “to go – spinning” - “with now these proportions, now those” as made by waves over the heart brokenly tremble how the land is . returned . collidering =========== betraced, coveted blinded- out of the tearing, pearl as in ear as in ear, in- ochreous cinnibar “
“in ravine baled A or an An (“in-pluck-in- humid plash this must see- (m) & the stairs lead nowhere ---- Nought – M,-teed mm…(it) ating pass over fed gleamZ track to poly(MUR)”mers” livD bibbingWRench VER tinjdc’nies SEARed) or is it sealed? --- the night’s did- it – It, did i oceanic road to the tooks – - - - - - -------- -------- ---- - - -- ---- --
-- ------- --
you sing the river -- -- ----- - ----
- you wish ============
- ------------------ -------------- - - - - unbridled one step below torture my throat is not - to still my - shredding brittle pyewipe stars


bloom query-mint
spear sibilience
co kitties up O to abe-abe Irrever liction
colting co, stanced
enbision ‘scattered ---------


pervaded thou, these’re yr - elisions’d, inertial ----- re-chiselled ‘pl, (degra –
to do)do)did) (are you sure?) nothing surer than tears as the spring wind drives a feather” Curved _____
macular fugitive
Cropping ingestitude’s low
untreated gretas as are here - –
are being killed, dis- pre-cautious – arithmety shaken a throw should we see incisional tutu-thymic
Barb aboding all goes back Dissenture to death?)today?) fire sign forward Blade Stance- no-shots-Never choose sliveth dis-pre-immi( ( b e a t i n g o f t h e * * *



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