Susan Roberts

Susan Roberts was born in Newton, Massachusetts and now lives & works in San Francisco. Other sonnets will be forthcoming in O.ARS, and Raddle Moon.

Susan Roberts, Working Notes:

Basically, lyrically, internally, rhythmically, sensually, overwhelmingly, the form overtook me. Writing the first sonnet "wave" was a suggestion/exercise from a friend. 57 sonnets later, exclusively proceeding.

To be placed within architecture. Structure in old walls, strong and lyrical, internal rhymes, clean line comfort, individual titles. Repetitive language, phrases and the textural overlapping perception.

To image a body of language moving beyond the sonnet walls. Using recurring themes/concerns that have flourished the seasons. Breaking patterns. To include the worldly, daily, foreign and familiar. Attracting repetition of order; the basic 14 lines, 10 syllables.

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