union is called night as night
to understanding all one Night


Stoics Academics Peripatetics

and liturgical fierce adversity symbol

Hazard visionary ages foursquare

She ran forward to touch him
Alabaster and confess

Don't cling to me

Literally the unmoving point around which a body
Literally stop touching me
We plural are the speaker

The narrative of finding

One solitude lies alone
can be represented

where the capture breaking
along the shock wave

interpreted as space-time
on a few parameters

Only in the absolute sky
as it is in Itself

word flesh crumbled page edge

The shadow of history
is the ground of faith

A question of overthrowing

Formulae of striking force
Vision and such possession

How could Love not be loved

Disciples are huddled together
They do not know

Retrospective chronologies
Synoptics speak

Revelatory Discourse Source
The Feeding Narrative in Mark


I studious am

Would never have stumbled
on the paved road

What is that law

You have your names

To do and to settle
Spirit of Conviction

Who wounded the earth

Out of the way of Night
no reason to count

Crying out testimony

Paths of righteousness
Love may be a stumbling

out on the great meadows
Prose is unknown

You have your names

I have not read them

Coming from a remote field
abandoned to me

The motif of fear is missing
The motif of searching

Historicity of the scene
Confused narrative complex

Two women with names
followed by two without names

Distance original disobedience

Against the coldness of force
Intellectual grasp

Scene for what follows
Do not hold me

It is by chance that she weeps
Her weeping is not a lament

She has a voice to cry out

No community can accompany her
No imagination can dream

Improbable disciple passages
Exegetes explain the conflict

Some manuscripts and versions
Her sadness

We have only her word in solitude

in solitude wounded by Love

We have only her word in solitude

Wounded by Love

we have only her word

Susan Howe

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