Sheila E. Murphy

Sheila E. Murphy has three books forthcoming this year: Teth (Chax Press), Sad Isn't The Color Of The Dream (Stride Press), and 18/81- a boxed set of poems correlated with visual images (Gesture Press). Work has appeared or is forthcoming in Aerial, BIG ALLIS, Paper Air, Generator, O.ARS, and numerous others. Her home is in Phoenix, where she coordinates the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series, now in its fourth season.

Working Notes, Sheila E. Murphy:

Access through the sense of touch (in fingers) sound. Channel sight, hold music there in blossom (coming blossom). Hear the place the words come to have nextness all at once hear accuracy play. What hands would play (the breath) be open. Leave a space (decide) will it be space or what might be (already there). The choices are to change. How observing opens other to evolved thing. Relays the creation (is discovery) to another who finds more (is there) and basks that moment in the found to make space for another (shapes a music).

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