Given,unequal to received.This not this.Spirit of resolve.
Come clean toward water.If to cross is self again in other
words.Alight shaft awning.Spirit green.Arrival is not
rupture nor is space exactly now.The parts consist.See in,
for seen.Within the represents.Adventure, splash, a wheel.
Hermetic instances.Conveyed.This stone water crosses. A
relationship of parts.The color happens in remission. Or the
memory of perfect shadow.Seam.

Port, semblance, the identity familiar each


To leave room.Multiply trust leaves of dance.Warm prior to
burning.That produce sad fuel.Survive.A prescient lose
oneself. Cleansedsinglecell.Apulse.Communion in the
presence, body weight. A place of new swift pencil tracing hand
across an open.Sacrifice plush opposite.A green vernacular at
first.Some markings on the skin, a masculine topography in lieu
of gentleness.Hazards planetary drum to touch.Out of respect
to listen.Verb appreciation.Wind.

Shapely coast, a pendulum, intended meaning

Sheila E. Murphy

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