Phyllis Stowell

Phyllis Stowell is an associate professor in the English Department of Saint Mary's College. A chapbook of her poetry, Who is Alice? will be published by Pennywhistle Press this spring. A long prose-and-poem, "Sequence and Consequence," will appear in Psychological Perspectives' special spring issue on the relationship of masculine and feminine, and a long poem "The Amnesiac" in PP's fall special issue on "The Child Within / The Child Without."

Working Notes, Phyllis Stowell:

Numbers, from which "#100 and 2" is taken, continues a project I began in the early seventies: to use "focused association," intuitive images, and progressions not narrative but based on psychological coherence. My impulse is to create an art of synthesis, not exclusion. The process combines a playful receptivity (heavy-duty listening) with squint-eyed critical attention to what wants to emerge.

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