Pamela Stewart

Pamela Stewart's latest book is Nightblind, raccoon books. She lives in St. Ives, Cornwall, where she does odd jobs while working, slowly, on a new manuscript tentatively titled Infrequent Mysteries.

Working Notes, Pamela Stewart:

I want an emphatic-ness--less palimpsest than patchwork--a horizontal leak and flood of words which admit finally that I cannot, and may not, get any grasp on these deaths which continue to attack my psyche. I have been unfamiliar with any form for this, and must work at accepting the helplessness which haunts me.

The original image I had for this is one I have no skills for making. It flew out of a film, that early home movie by a husband/wife/lover team of The Fall of the House of Usher. At one moment the screen seemed filled by just paper with a gashed/burnt/scorched line of affliction which was all I meant to say about this.

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