Rose to another. Season fog rolled past the wind. Ow ego. Caravan of spirit
community. Swan merganser the common eider melting. What month is
this Hawaiian lowan influence and other such instructors where I come
from farmers. Shoot bankers then their families then themselves
neighbors. I imagine organized the wake pies casseroles and got on with it.
Whereas here the sea takes the native. People whose ways we have lived
out our childhoods in such foreign. Lands as these lesbians like us must
own. Properties which smell whole. As our sex demands a place. To shoot
no one but lay down with you Love. Corn field pineapple oak trees spread.
Wide like your arms. Legs heart for we have never been. Native until now.


(Dis/ease.) Political and must it always enter. Who I love as with language.
Not wishing to demysticize but relinquish. Possession. Will the mind not
have the physical. Love I may give. You location you. River I put my trust
in. Grace what animals. Have the act.
(Smoke) exits. The body daily pulse. Over right eye morning nausea. Hives
the knee. Down. Melancholia from solar. Plexus need to be. Touched
moments. Of clarity nightmare. Childhood. Hallucinations observant of sky.
Loss pelvic. Basket emptying I clutch. Those small objects which will let
me. Tonguey today many. Such eruptions as if bitten. By insects which do
not normally. Survive the winter. Cankers rough patches on scalp
increased. Interest in the visible. Re-entrance of water. Segregation of
(bird) species and clouds. Allowing the day to give form.
Drowsiness. Increased sexual. Appetite later awed by ones. Own experience tubular.
Uteran frescos of the mind. What I have always derived. Pleasure from
exists. Beyond fixation minors. Juxtaposed with sevenths.


Bone ring teeth lap jolt right fluctuate passive link mother triad liver
christian cooking husky domestic tasteless smelly corner tide finger toxic
emotion salubrious cannibal wind clarify allegiance mango cornshock
history studio invisible corroborate justify tickle pander blister critical friend
friends frenzy worry flower callous new year curtain tremor edging
having leaving.

Melanie Braverman

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