Liz Waldner

Liz Waldner is a Regents Fellow in the Communication Dept., UCSD. Most recent work in The Northwest Review.

Working Notes, Liz Waldner:

Trying to find a way to go that includes breaks--dots connecting songlines. Saying while listening for how it goes (and vice versa): a reciprocity allowing breaks, lostnesses and dislocations their own makings. Not to avoid nor fix/smooth/pave over, making sure of road before setting foot on it--which meant following others(' tunes) or the fixed foot of the compass, going in circles, (also fixed). I included the Greek. . . .Originally, these fragments were sown in the gaps in the English text, but, though I loved them, I figured nobody'd be able to read and/or print them like that--and then ended up liking the holes they left in MY text . . . .

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