Karen Kelley

Karen Kelley lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Other "Virtual Realities" will appear in the O/Books Anthology, Sulfur, Talisman, and avec. deCOLONIZATION, illustration by Yong Soon Min, was the central image in her installation at the Bronx Museum, 1991. The hanging dress of her mother layered with a poem written in Korean and English is the nucleus of this installation, a symbol of Motherland, the place where the artist longs to be.

Working Notes, Karen Kelley:

How can we (the "people") define the queen/make her consistent with/compliant to our idea(l) of who/what she should be? (I/female readers can be the queen or the people--one advantage(?!) of being female.) How we force women/are forced by expectations/self-perceptions--thereby dismembering/dismembered, terrorizing/terrorized. & this use of force reflected in tangled political situations of entire countries. Like Edna Pontellier, the queen sinks below the surface/into herself, her subjective experience silenced. . . and so the beat(ing) goes on.

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