Kathleen Fraser

Working Notes, Kathleen Fraser:

I wanted to write, but had no specific focus. I worked randomly, with one fixed idea: to travel by color. First red, yellow and blue were called up; then I watched them attach themselves to objects in the room or, perhaps, to a memory or thought. Slowly variations and repetitions were introduced. Issues of boundary became evident only in the re-typing of the text, when the word boundary showed up as the typo boundayr (bound air). I kept the typo, made it the title. Later, I noticed a push-pull of "concept words" in the text, supporting my hunch: seizing, duality, inert, forming, essential, enables, non-primary, [distinct and substantial], evidence, regulate, capable, absence, border, appropriate, superiority, accomodation, contain, beseiged, sterilized, primacy, diminishing, normal, strictly, pessimism, [appears, reappears, disappears], subtracted, focus, organization, restlessness, objectivity, measure, intervention . . . .

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