from The Translation Begins (la Traduction commence)

M.P. 1908

so you see that dead/
one is almost alive/
sweaters burned you should/
dream, rapidly following /

voices that me: "but you have/
from the world to/
the double six/

fleecing the eggs, enlightening/
the fire/
leave to say: the door, your/

and wind on/
great marble halls/
great Venetian blinds/

square place/
that the face, weight/

erotic dreams with/
retroactive subject/

of the known, of the inaccessible/
nor also/
wrecked kept without pleasure/
that there be blaze n' /
o matter what/

she my book No and yet the power/
between persons who are/
known to each other and who/

Trees you have no more/
comes my father (brother?) is stunned/
nothing more Idem/

known the whole pouch of/
cadignan, fears/
of return, truth/

circumstances voluptuous/
and vulgar/
emerging phrase for/

tempting, and the scent of/
and and the shape of the room/

powerful intuitions/
an evening of exhaustion/

or dead Principle/

la Traduction commence (Paris: Christian Bourgeois, 1978)

Jacqueline Risset

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