Giovanna Sandri

Giovanna Sandri was born in Rome where she still lives and works. These poems are from the collection From K to S. Ark of the Asymmetric, OOLP (Out of London Press). Sandri's first book, Capitolo Zero (Rome, Lerici, 1969) signaled her presence as a vital part of the Italian avant-garde. Her visual/language works have appeared in numerous Italian and international shows.

Working Notes, Giovanna Sandri:

Not experimentation with new techniques, but complete adherence of the word to the images in which the tesserae/ nuclei cross the white space of poetry. . . .The materials are presented graphically so as to enhance their fragmentary nature, or in varied open forms so that the sign/word can couple with the sign/form (black poem over white poem). The English version is often a mirror image of the Italian text.

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