Electrical Things


The comfort of following out the loop. To dream
all night of knitting. And spring.

This is what I say. I came home and had erotic dreams.
I always do. But to do this; to walk
a few miles and he always moaning, turning around
and raising his arms to her, wanting to be carried.

And really wanted to laugh when he lay himself on the rim
beside the fountain and began fondling himself. She
sat naked on the ledge beside him.

To walk down into the garden and break off a branch
of wisteria. To swear that one saw lights in the woods
over the river.

That's what a dream indicates: "I want to go back."
Soft green cotton yarn.

Or otherwise to be seized from behind the neck and pulled
forward. To be invited back.

This is what I say, That is what I say.

This to divert from the loop.

Then a series of loops. What I can pull tight
around the pole. Warm air. But she just wanted
to laugh when he caressed her, sweet adorable. Rain
all over the car.

That is how strong. That was a late response. Telling him
not to touch electrical things. Not to slap at his own head.

Elizabeth Robinson

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