Editor's Notes

The work in this issue elucidates moments of transition, places at which the aural, written and visual dovetail. The work finds its form at these junctures. Our attention is held, as the Working Notes suggest, between babble and sense, between color and its resonance, between prayer and the rhythm of a narrative of loss, between a gash in a screen and a projection on a page, between speech and radio signal--these are the slivers occupied. In order to read or write within a transitional place, where the way to say something becomes clear only during or after the saying, vigilance and a patience for velocity, are required. In choosing to use the page as a landing strip--site of transfer--the writers in this issue insist on reading and writing between senses where smuggled-in meanings catch, on their way somewhere.

In the same vein, "Between Your House and Mine:" The Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman, 1960 to 1970, edited by Lisa Pater Faranda, from Duke University Press, 1986 . . . A special double issue of Agenda (London), devoted to H.D. will appear in the fall of 1987. Edited by Claire Buck and Diana Collecott, it will include H.D.'s Mass Observation reports and other previously unpublished prose. Contributors include Stephen Bann, Beverly Dahlen, Silvia Dobson, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Susan Friedman, Denise Levertov, A.D. Moody, Alicia Ostriker, Cyrena Pondrom, May Sarton. 200pp., Illustrated. Cost 6, postage-paid, within the United Kingdom; $10 surface mail, $12 airmail, to the USA. Orders to Agenda, 5 Cranbourne Court, Albert Bridge Road, London SW11 4PE, England .. And A Mazing Space: Writing Canadian Women Writing, , edited by Shirley Neuman and Smaro Kamboureli (both critic theorists of women's writing) is slated for April (1987) publication from NuWest Press, Canada . . . Out from Indiana University Press: H.D.: The Career of That Struggle, by Rachel Blau DuPlessis . . . And two from the University of Texas Press, Marianne Moore, Subversive Modernist, by Taffy Martin and Women of the Left Bank: Paris, 1900-1940, by Shari Benstock . . . . Another new and beautiful book from Burning Deck Press, Barbara Einzig's Life Moves Outside, available at small press bookstores . . . .

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