Editor's Notes:

Correction: Black Holes, Black Stockings, by Olga Broumas and Jane Miller, excerpted in HOW(ever) Vol. III, No. 1, is published by Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut, 1985. . . .Nicole Brossard and Daphne Marlatt's new chapbook, Mauve, has just been published by editions nbj, Montreal, 1985·.All of the visual work in this issue is taken from Susan Hiller's books Monument and Susan Hiller 1973 - 1983: The Muse My Sister. Monument was an installation, ". . . consisting of colour photographs and an audio tape, the photographs being a public registering of the work, the tape existing as a private dialogue, a stream-of-consciousness which is listened to under headphones on a park bench facing away from the photos . . . ." (from introduction to Monument). The text and notes on Monument were published on the occasion of exhibitions of Susan Hiller's work at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, and at A Space, Toronto, 1981. The Muse My Sister was published on the occasion of three simultaneous exhibitions in March and April 1984: New Work at Orchard Gallery, Londonderry, Ten Years Work at Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, and New Work at Gimpel Fils, London. Included in The Muse My Sister is documentation and discussion of a selection of Susan Hiller's work (all originally in color). Reproduced in this issue are excerpts from: Dream Mapping, 1974, a collaborative performance; The Hand Paintings, a series of collaborative art works, London, 1970. Red and black paint on canvas, 7x9 inches. A complete list of Susan Hiller's other work is too extensive to give here·.

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