what's without
this world eradicates
description persuaded

If you've never assigned feelings to sweep through but asked for repetition of
an utterance. The expectant bend in the knee is exhausted, one functions as
the word to indicate. The globe-like something stands closely lacking. Or
someone who's absent is fulfilling the picture, long green shades drawn on the
layered ground. Naturally, not heard, not understood, an atmospheric anxiety
flourishes within our breath-like focused hearts. In 10 minutes it will be
half an hour, in 25, 45 minutes, etc. To establish a tenderness for the 3rd
dimension, we must eliminate certainties involving one and two. Pressing
hard, the depiction of many angles in which involvement lingers, the head
that's screwed on stays on and on. It's understood that you felt you were a
portrait of a person, from the chest up, that your neck could bend in all
directions desired, your head fell accordingly. In the characterization part,
the painting and its subject were adjusted to reflect the executer. Stare at
the floor where feet are firmly planted coaxing vertical temptations away.
Lure the lack of right angles into the cavity.

Diane Ward

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