C.J. Castricano

C.J. Castricano was born on the West Coast of Canada where she still lives and works. Her most recent work appears in Motel 3. She is currently working with Djuna Barnes' Nightwood for her thesis.

Working Notes, C.J. Castricano:

Opens up the space for my interest in reading as transference (where is "out there") and translation: in the ambiguous, and often ambivalent relationship between reader and text, (or writer as her own reader). In translation always something gets lost in that act of carrying across, but the process necessarily creates a new text, one which sets up a new associative matrix, one predicated upon the new space which defines the relationship. This is the condition of language and, as the poem says in its exploration of this space, ". . . there's no/getting out of it." Nightwood, for me, puts notions of fixed meaning, intentionality and closure under pressure and draws attention to the fact that the process of interpretation (reading/writing) is never ending.

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