Before Her Tongue Were

indentapplewish wingsshe wasmoon
in the skyeye wishsitting till the move up

before her tongue werewaiting not to speakto not
speakright answersmileright answer
back hand

beautiful luscious red curlsspit into her brain
tell me what she thinks you there thinking heryou there

she curluncurlshell wrapped round where
she imagines in pathologya disturbed killer-
know oneknow

rightright thereright inside her
some beautiful mansome hat you carry with you

so sitting hereall waitingand the upside
wordto sayhe maybeand fastly doing in his bed
other lover saidmaybemaybe

she pick up the phonewhat do they thenand however
so go back tohowhe say thenyou are the one
in the bed then

enjoydisturbenjoydisturbthe red rubber boots
the red icingwho covered the chocolate?her story
was not funny because i was tired

because i was tiredi did not staybecause i was tired
i did not go home with himbecause i was tired i took
the short cut homesomeone myself then someone said

three layers of firewill she find the words then to the
key she wantsout the fire houseburning through
her floorgive me mud overthe leggings

oh little little girloh mamma ohlittle little girl
oh momma ohother language motherother turn
touch the words you fist around quietlyyou fist
around quietlyyou


--Claire Blotter

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