ANNE-MARIE ALBIACH, translation by Joseph Simas

SKETCH: "the cold"

"The red fašade of this 20th century building
reflects in the water of its windows how and
where breath has been transferred . . . . "

"the ground opens -- the music
reveals the order of renewal
-- the deviation --
this violent disassociation
operates the cut:
of the statement undoing itself --"

retreat's stave
runs through speech
"and its resonances"

the gap amplifies the Discourse

"tensiontakes on
graphic figure"

in the impossiblefrom one body
to the Other

URGE: born in sleep
she elaborates the day's scene

subterfuge of objects

the environment blurs
outside limits

leaving only this REPORT;

INCISION: in the cold
statements of a Discourse
in recomposition,

"open room in a black or white
a rectangle
answers awakening"

avidity for corporal drawings
in their "alchemical" processes

Toward a sculptural

to put Breathing on stage
in such space

ORNAMENTS: mirroring gestures

OBJECT: the tragic osmosis of a mute precision
the song frees

in the perspectives
the surface undone,

pathway's measure

SCENE:that which can pass from one
mask to another:
inversing in the respiratory

whose movements demand
a linear reciprocity
or such MISBEHAVIOR as this


ANNE-MARIE ALBIACH, translation by Joseph Simas

see Alerts for a note by Norma Cole on Anne-Marie Albiach's writing, including a bibliography of her work.

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