source broken what systems
are parted as Venus Mounts
spilling lines originate the bird sits
criss crossed on wing

letters strung love letters let the

heart speak folding soft word flesh
out beyondas thereseparate
>>> breakscrudefashionedas
exponential, calculate
in play un ground ed like
fills plain fullholesslip through
composite sights
a public matter your i
right swells its parted chest
this foreign tongue
smudges an
element meant for
burns earthen air rained
in 4 corners without
escape the soundness
your light touching

no skin can keep in kin on

little ones chip a thousand splints
word or
movement always more
self diabolic
which eyes gather sense
overlaid arch--
logued chewed as tongue
my tongue yours
heals in one

the wrighting is broken agains in sight
pains secure so sure

fragile marks wait
stroked almost
deliberate your speech
can crush as soft

faithless turnings weave her patterns Rep(l)ete
round songs in Comfort reflected
Possesion gains her naming the Many
disseminate particulars now whole felt
as numbers order journey she breaks
Glanced upon as Lady Lake her luck re-
forms cipher to cipher

her touch upon the many spoken breathes Molding
shape the face returned Sings in rhythms
transformed Desire excites the eye to follow skins
Shape broken in creased perforation
the word cut melds her sense
the one heart felt her art slips upon soundings

life brought the eye yet fills
multitude Specifics play
as gainI pass
the Purpose grounded whole
points catagoric the letters
the tongue forced speaks written in strangeness
elle parle
selves other than
her speaking

Andrea Kunard

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