The longest day will drive a crack-- til Jubilate windows in.

Three parts that braid begin to fly-- that something singing

overlapping. White roses on the fire lit. The stick once put

begins to curl. A wheel is rolling sparks for ten. She feels

it here-- but far away. High golden hills remind the day of

St. Johnswort. One yellow cup upon each end. Asha found

three little bowls. The tones are gliding through the light.

Mountains can appear we wave-- and roll in dust and dark til

then. Because the small ones can not stop. We find a way to

circle so. We close into a fire pop. Open also leaves have

room. And grow with pushes following through. We sing to leap

the last of it. The nuts are gathered in a cup. The arc is

scent, the curve a boat. To row and row the blinding stream.

We hope to cast a shadow yet. A firm trail makes me follow up.

We turn and run descend upon. To beat a beat upon the rim. A

kiss in light before a name. The same few rise. Until she

flew. The angel woke to be a bird. And never once the same

again. The turquoise chamber turning parts. Lemon mint upon

the flame. Old treasure sack. The tones do chime. And nut

hats six can climb sky high. We wave wheel around the bend.

Though amber changed the wending way. Sinking deep in Lion's

mane. Go round she say to sign your flame. Seven stars are

shining bright. The round is fine. Just out of sight. We see

it dry to golden sheets. Though wet was once all flick and

stain. Today will not remain again. Go round she say go

round to me. And let the lifting bird come through. The

gate is raised the sun can too. Go round go round. Today

is different not the same. A new a new. Goodbye in waves

for sinking down. Often time to see and bend. Around she

say. Once more again. So ashes breathe-- Around me now.

Laura Chester is living and writing in the Berkshires. She has recently completed Lupis Novice, a book of nonfiction, and The Angel of the Equestrians, recent writings. Her books include the recent My Pleasure, from The Figures, and Primagravida, from Christopher's Books. She co-edited the groundbreaking anthology of women's poetry, Rising Tides.

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