Sampurna Chattarji

Two Poems


How Long?


How long must I look at a woman
before she starts looking like me?



Working It Out


The world has collapsed
between your car
His tires screech
The pulse in your head is throbbing
The rage in your throat is choking
The red in your eye is glaring
You mirror each other
linked by the fury of the road.
The belch of smoke.
No demons here.
Glaring. Blaring.
into obscene shards of speech.
I’m working out a way of opening the door,
It won’t work
to the shred of air
and the next.
at yours.
in his wrist.
in his mouth.
back at you.
bastard brothers
The honk of horn.
It is hell the highway.
Just men.
Tearing themselves
Primal men, they say.
it out.
slamming it shut and running away.
will they.


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