Sascha Akhtar

Two Poems



from I-Body





A full moon eclipses

I turn on the T.V.
to learn when
but all I get are heads

an antenna pokes me in the eye


Paramour, it beckons
indivisibility shared
I close my eyes to substance
I am watching revolution
as it occurs in the bodies
lined up in front of one
another. I see the shadow
of this planet I am on it
is it red I can’t tell
the insides of my eyelids
feel cold when I flap them over
I am swathed in Icelandic wool
genuflect to this I expect
half-wolf to howl, a faint glowing
spot in the sky exactly opposite the sun



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from I-Body


I-Body 4

is there, there is
a past

only & present
quickly becomes
shuffle to

the next pan-destination


wipe footprints
off the floor

because I don’t want to see them

everything has happened
before me

perhaps your voice
is chopped
to cadence

if you end here, you.


are distorted

he will get up & want dinner
& tea

I will move effortlessly
in plural, in feminine

in subjunct

mellow life.



I-Body 5

I can’t read
what I have somewhere

not written anywhere

but in this space of virtual

I can only find with click

mind spewing.


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Sascha Akhtar is a Pakistani woman raised by an English family, in Pakistan. She attended Bennington College in Vermont, U.S.A and attended the M.F.A poetry programme on a fellowship at UMASS Amherst, U.S.A. She is interested in how words alter, meld and sound rather then what they could or can or should or would mean, exactly. She likes to teach yoga and travel.

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