Heather Weston

Text. Texture. Touch: The Embodied Read


The book artist’s creative process is as much about the choreography of space as it is about the meaning of words or image. The reader is actively recruited to join the dance, and meaning created via the physical and cerebral union of reader and artist. Writing, for book artists is a four-dimensional endeavour: a journey in space and time that relies not on a virtual reader, but on one who can embody the reading process.

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Enter Text. Texture. Touch: The Embodied Read (click images to enlarge):

Borges and I
Borges and I
Binding Analysis: Double Bind
Binding Analysis: Double Bind
READ (past, tense)
READ (past, tense)
BOUND (dependence imposed)
BOUND (dependence imposed)


Heather Weston gained an MA in Book Arts from Camberwell College of Arts in 2000 and has been working with the book form since then. She founded Bookery in 2002, a company that creates and produces both book art and conceptual stationery. Her work focuses on using the book form as a vehicle for the conceptual exploration of psychological territory. She also works collaboratively within the book art collective, Faction.

Her book art publications include:
Binding Analysis: Double Bind / 2000
READ (past, tense) / 2000
Borges and I / 2001
BOUND (dependence imposed) / 2004
A Diction / 2004
Defeating the Object / 2004

Available from:
Bookartbookshop, London EC1
Califia Books, Alabama US (includes interview with artist)
Cynthia Imperatore Books, San Francisco, US

Heather’s work is held in numerous public and private collections internationally, including Tate Gallery, UK, National Art Library, UK, The British Library, and 35 educational and institutional collections across the US.

studio E3
Cockpit Arts, Cockpit Yard
Northington Street
London WC1N 2NP

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