Hannah Weiner: Early and Clairvoyant Journals


The Archive for New Poetry at the University of California at San Diego is pleased to announce the publication of an online edition of performance artist / poet Hannah Weiner’s Early and Clairvoyant Journals, edited by Patrick F. Durgin.  Although long recognized as an influential text, the larger Clairvoyant Journal project has never seen the light of day.  This edition includes three of the four early journals (excluding The Fast, which remains in print from United Artists).  These early journals document the development of Weiner’s notion of “clairvoyance” as well as the literary form she became known for in recent memory, “large-sheet poetry” (aka, “clair-style”). The Clairvoyant Journal itself is published in its entirety (181 pages in length).  And all the texts are presented as high-quality scans of the original typescripts, giving the reader the opportunity to appreciate the visual impact of “large-sheet poetry.”  Durgin’s critical introduction provides a new contribution to the growing list of writings focusing on the considerable achievement of Weiner’s work in the 1970s.



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