‘Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance’:

Special Feature on Australian Women’s Poetry

Papertiger #4


The newest edition of high octane Australian CDRom journal papertiger: new world poetry offers a feast of poetical features and creatures. Stylishly designed by founding codirector Marissa Newell and edited by Brett Dionysius and Paul Hardacre, papertiger #4 is a winning mix of poetry, innovative writing, interviews, flash animation, audio work and digital art.

For this issue Melbourne-based writer Melissa Ashley has guest-edited a selection of contemporary Australian women’s poetry called ‘Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance’ presenting work by Pam Brown, Joanne Burns, MTC Cronin, Lidija Cvetkovic, Kate Fagan, Diane Fahey, Jayne Fenton-Keane, Kristin Hannaford, Jennifer Harrison, Dominique Hecq, Cate Kennedy, Bronwyn Lea, Emma Lew, Kate Middleton, Gina Mercer, Melissa Petrakis, Alicia Sometimes [audio], Michelle A. Taylor and Louise Waller. papertiger editor Dionysius calls Ashley’s selection “a reality check on the muses” and observes: “There is an agreed dissatisfaction amongst the poems toward a lackadaisical approach to the lyric moment. Indeed, ‘the moment’ is often undermined in this collection and set on its head.”

In another arresting feature, Mark Pirie has assembled ‘50 Poems by 50 Poets: Recent New Zealand Poetry’ including work by Riemke Ensing, Michele Leggot, Helen Rickerby, Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Amelia Nurse, Emily Dobson and many others.

This brave publication has paved a way for cross-national digital explorations of experiment, and picks up tracks that were set down light-years ago by printed poetry broadsides. A comment on the papertiger media site reads: “Not quite a journal, not really an anthology, not a CD of ‘spoken word’ poetry to play on your hi-fi, and absolutely not a book, the papertiger: new world poetry CDROM didn’t fit comfortably into any existing publishing category. Instead, it quickly established its own style, focus and reputation as a totally unique, high-quality hybrid of poetry journal-anthology-CD-book; a venue for the innovative, the compelling and the transformative.” Check out the website to read more about various zippy spin-off projects that cluster under the capacious and lushly-designed papertiger umbrella.



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