From PERMIT: Non-Stop Transcribes

Rob Holloway


Production Note : Part of the “Permit” project involves me performing improvised readings of “Permit” writings that have been printed out onto 52 A4 sheets and arranged in an unchanging 8 x 7 grid (with four ‘holes' for feet) which I then move around. When doing this, I sometimes read into a dictaphone. Later I transcribe these recorded readings but without stopping the tape, so not all the words get written down. Sometimes I transcribe the same reading more than once.


Non-Stop Transcribe # 2

we speak divided timings yes cased knockings closed eyes hung towards singing in a frequently apparent harmony eyelid in Paris try returning back of the room perforce the counter-argument kept remained sitting on the shore white hung towards the famous poem entire wealth of my stare whispering of strange pages distance harms sultry volume cadences plastics curled underfoot plane again the event in eye willing you forward loosen the belt clung clean to his body further riddles all belong to over by white eyes will into nets water blossomed less friends rejoined them circular time spans fully bearable placed into my arms a spatial rose edges more carefully perhaps only instill the summer layered against your body wind over bloom over ripped up bruise design his young life the breath of her leg grasp them returning the back of the room slipping between the rear wheel and the leg a circle of fish knives the right kind of fracture clear swept day of the newly visited region faintest music flowered unwelcome the sound in its espionage clothes white horses against the cliff forwarded sounds ventricular claw sheet emotion feed yellow racetracks stridence geometries severe toys grow between our shapen thoughts so ply this time belt in a short separation in the chalk in life a swollen breach of the contract apparent passage of click missed layers of clacks beneath deck mistakes a face got close to regimes of gangsters of ripped up bruise takes performance without stimulations needless to say combined with vast scaffold a feverish skin perversions voice patterns the lighting is fixed sonic spherical myriads canvas solely in red on the wall of my cadaver


Non-Stop Transcribe # 3

opening not made but hurt branded themselves small white the threat of whole more carefully the sewn afar to the hills when the freight of limbs transformation bought through in replacement maroon behaviour generating plain volumes fascinating to define themselves stimulates forefingers itch a whole new document ride down the walls was taken by the gentle invention of the ankle I had a feeling rumours do best I wanted sounds arrived canyons fall out of hair hinge starkly fringe labelled transformed damage face ten parts ligatures sounding out the book cash paralysis devaluing combining extreme form too much thought compels wreck where to walk with with care many erected cliff assumptions under tree damage at each terminal laughing a construction site too many circles became wanting more on this fissile edge impartial valuations in more attention gentle repetition the right kind of fracture shaking visions steam bays layered into the opposite homes regimes unarmed loiter to balloon in resonant generations landing without reaching for addition smell butter as if stretched let molecular transference desiring entrance underfoot tabletops glasses later rejoined them I sought advantage leaves heard earlier under the fruit Pete is hurt making the separation of pleasures making outlines over there by the third boat the dead fishes to record the locations land amongst the huts pianos and cash greater condition sensations of the sky fissile sky dead walkway branches formed messes dry hair materials into your complacency haul my giggles accused of abandoning us tuned simultaneously mirrors found homes bones meat water naked eye lampposts red waves emotion claw examination echo breeze pink fecund friends oblique tiles horses real space lies silent heroic small space engagement layered wishes slung muscle lay flaccid gripped limbs bring with them yellow change you necklaced she knows why the parking sideways substance fringe memory new places of your wrist hands to the shore


Non-Stop Transcribe #5

Pete and Judy lies broken on the second floor will map out visions loss eighty stories in unison joy breach astonishment seduced us intimate making design automation at the police headquarters formed of several elements in the wall packets of conversation prized every twenty minutes their margins fast irregular surface convergence wholl hold out for the war radio silence eighty stories where they put the scaffold fully licensed cold synthesis as music more light simplified relations investments ticker across my wallpaper time to grapple thrust show me my need risk blossoms over cliff towards my father for support cymbals sound telescopes snapped fell footage forecast paralysis silent hatred rides across town consecutive furrows in a table illicit succinct tones surfaced signal invariably lay listening memory hand holds your wrist grappling your sense of initiation warm bodies feelings surfaced high voices careful fantasy blocking your sense of initiation acrylic sending messages of the city passers by into the air cymbals moving free of inheritance rise and fall fracture concrete jarred down rest loosely mists his eyeline gaping there werent any tunnels crave lock against the ceiling allow in insects suddenly broke ocean wilderness nothing forceful no more tapes military models forward on four legs stretched murmurs two lines wide consensus test and confirm presence of shovel in your hands glass heard fields of voices upon you lose all weight


Non-Stop Transcribe # 6

Anchoring our habits for their existence loudspeakers want to play on regular buses an altogether particular way for identity indefinitely sitting arrangements tenderness into cartoonery grow curious moist roots solar winds aromatic babies primordial later balance breakages sun comforting hair grind bright loosed into carelessness made of words slaughtered screen seizing environment coaxed writing regular willingness size tactics exact shadow a small space names a breath of effect ventilated surface zig perspective off her forays in xerox penetrate toys reminiscent whispers risked at the rock behind medical matters next to the river warlike tooth all jut transportation leftover social timing accidents entirely turning private sensations across the symmetry combined with patterned stones materials where perfection slowed at the crossings counting hours sore perpendicular migration into like rows forefingers intimately positioned abeyance back of the room echo police flippancy the way the eyes flew without permission between them Frank Sunday ten parts vertical community where you are faster racetracks space stand around media procedures


Non-Stop Transcribe # 6 (2 nd play)

Our habits hanging in the wall for their existence take off my toes want to play on regular buses lying cracking on the floor for easier movements indefinite risk arrangements here meagre with tenderness descending into sheer shaping clear moist roots fleshly ghosts astonishment primordial balance later arena sun hair mass and grind loosed into carelessness calculating slaughtered screen seizing environment before long thought the way of regular willingness exact typical small space my shirt was not stiff a ventilated trial surface swinging dark zig-zag off her forays foreign in him penetrate him he remains whispers gaping shootings behind medical matters vestments until the frame was warlike all jut pulling out social timings accidents turning short days across my wallpaper connections in the symmetry combined with stones where a part of the crossing counting familiar hours trapdoors migrations intimately flicker against pacing leaders try returning without the echo flippancy flesh without permission a poet Frank shifts Sunday ten parts head nonchalance anything to be better sounds suggest space mirror walk lip-sync


Non-Stop Transcribe # 7

Aggressive angles close ideas between the book stretch young flick movements skitter scarlet counter with drift allowed for white charcoal wastage enormous legs law curtails places eloquence rang reduced insistence vacuum poke up music served forwarded water breath horizon sprung town river other influential spaces easily avoided succulence pockets book feeling colliding nine-tenths of the myths inside restaurants speak in fact the sky flex desiring instant features children causing comfort kisses ambushes very nature of discussion haltage freedom a shift arms peace in bed made of words became different houses at night define prop points of scenery exit lone articulations room is surrounded smooth waist-high official seeing years into the margins hold themselves byways of fact unchallenged earlier actions stroked trees means of motorbikes deer and footballs in sight of the terminal no further discussion left violently immediate movement transformed startle to his body fall in your left hand will temptation bounce across particles held circles under the shopboys curtains request a more geometric outlook their friend investments dare to overcome their foreground glyphing the gyro the collective hand died flow flourishing through the landing behind hide excuses filthy fissile ice-cream stick suggestions confidence mightily rest loosely


Non-Stop Transcribe # 8

A punishing schedule pleasure surface on guard a long trek captivations the smell of a sentence transforms the space dropped in private transmit numerous hands clustered muscles the range a layered blank found soap bubbles too many objects windows the wall with weights chairs next to the flesh exact shadow in hair in hands careening carcass of relaxing dodging should arrive renewable wind naked a long time erratic composition ambushes forging gangsters started speaking determined to be brought flesh back in swimming outwards fluctuate further belief


Non-Stop Transcribe # 10

over by the light tease trapdoor touch bought up out of sync fall out of phase further pockets without being touched stay like that overlay panic severance safety signs fail climb down plastics strangle glass back of the scaffold positions heralded clouds of lax transmitting children hurt themselves in corners bridges of chance blocks of mirror imminent harmony memory an I be a back speak to you sediment of held colliding announcements their consecutive arrangements young positions unsupportable moisture overcome the walls no knobs twirling fissile textures sweet colliding suction that counters drift the caught movements remain in the big bright car partly due to the persistence of the light come over to the summer arrests me lie flattish all over the scenery one supposes a kinaesthetic comely sounds arrive tables tops growing tea freedom servants answer questions search scarlet he suggested that caps in your topsy- turvy body braces hold the heated steps work contour cherry blossoms attention bodies hands on necks gentle legs necks arrival attention sand fluctuating foreheads 


Non-Stop Transcribe # 10 (2 nd play)

over by the light trapdoors bought up in eye surfaces fall lurk appearances stayed like that panic of short separation willing you forward causing you to fail strangled grass scaffold over here limbs back into the ward hurt corners snowy lettering of their memory imminent harmony woven tapestries quieter piano notes sweet run down alleys consecutive in our positions driven through existence nuancing flesh your moisture instantly twirling knobs fishing wire sweet colliding old purpose tethers changing opening lines left to hold court fires paths partly due to three words the storms not started yet under me under you supposes a fissile edge veer backwards sounds nevertheless advertising death force questions ground floor scarlet speech cap in your left hand veer backwards braces heated movements planks of urbane steps blossom attention dissolving legs under hands gentle necks under my attention sand confirmations erratic


BIO: Rob Holloway is a writer and teacher living in London. His first chapbook, ‘American Heroines', was published by Writers Forum in 1999. Since then, he has been working at ‘Permit,' an ongoing project involving narrative, translation, and performance procedures, selections from which have appeared as the chapbooks ‘Permit Sampler' (2000) and ‘Permit IV' (Spanner, 2002) and in the magazines ‘Tongue to Boot', ‘Kenning', and ‘Tolling Elves'. He also hosts the radio show ‘Up for Air' on Resonance 104.4FM (London).

You can read more about ‘Up for Air' in this issue's critical feature on Leslie Scalapino, which includes a recording of Scalapino made during her appearance on the London radio show.

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