by Thalia Field

(in collaboration with Jamie Jewett)

Working Note:

Because I am prone to panic attacks while reading, I decided it was time to investigate the potential of multimedia, and especially video, to accompany myself. As a choreographer and media artist, Jamie has an intuitive sense of language within time/space, how words "dance" with themselves. He made the simple video from the printed text (a short and early version of the piece) and then recorded me, editing them together. Since this was our first "text" collaboration, we kept it pretty simple, allowing the blank space/black screen its thematic resonance with the story implicit in the piece.

Enter: zoologic

BIO: Thalia Field's first collection Point and Line, was published by New Directions in 2000. Her second collection, Incarnate: Story Material (which includes “Zoologic”) is forthcoming from New Directions in Fall 2004. ULULU: Clown Shrapnel is forthcoming from Coffee House Press in 2005. Thalia teaches creative arts and writing at Brown University and Naropa University.

BIO: Jamie Jewett holds an MFA in Dance and Technology from Ohio State University. His pieces have been seen at Lincoln Center's Dance on Camera festival and at the Wexner Center's Ohio Film Festival. Jamie's recent multimedia dance, After the Fall, was seen at Danspace in New York, and he is currently an artist-in-residence at HERE Center for the Arts in New York.


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