crossing to

by Melissa Benham and Stacey Dacheux

Working Note:

Introducing crossing to, Melissa Benham writes that they intended to capture light in a particular aperture to translate energetic forces of memory into typographical language: the movement carries its own equations.  a silent dialogue occurring between image & text upon re-entry, crossing to interior chaotic landscape. momentary inner logic of the dream state.   to piece a whole life seemingly.  a rescue.  a hole.  a black out.  a saving. revision. re-versioning.  tunneling back.

Enter: crossing to  
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BIO: Melissa R. Benham
Bhanu Kapil Ryder has noted that “location” in Melissa R. Benham's work “is constantly disappearing, or burning up”. Physically, that place is Boulder, CO, where she has recently received her MFA from Naropa University. There she was granted the Ted Berrigan Poetry Award, edited Bombay Gin 29 , and wrote her latest book, codeswitching (Subday Press 2003). Excerpts from that book may be found at

BIO: Stacy Elaine Dacheux believes that cats are the true astronauts on a metaphysical level, that orange is just a slow red, and that image needs either erasing or erasure—one or the other, but never both. Her collaborative installations and photography have been displayed in the US, Mexico, and Web Journal Conjunctions. Her writing has been published in Milk, Aught, Bombay Gin, and Nerve Lantern.

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