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Books received and noted:

Rae Armantrout. Up To Speed . Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2004.

Aufgabe #3, ed. E. Tracy Grinnell. $12 for individual issues, $20 for two. Issue #3 features Mexican poetry in translation edited by Jen Hofer. Also including Ange Mlinko, Lisa Lubasch, Stacy Szymaszek, Rosmarie Waldrop, Sarah Riggs, Genya Turovskaya, kari edwards, Michelle Naka Pierce, Jill Darling, Candace Pirnak, Barbara Maloutas, Africa Wayne, Amanda Katz, and Lisa Pearson. .

Janine Beichman. Embracing the Firebird: Yosano Akiko and the Birth of the Female Voice in Modern Poetry . Honolulu: University of Hawai`i Press, 2002. 352pp.

Rachel Blau Duplessis. Draft, unnumbered: Précis . Nomados, 2003. $12.00.

Marie Borel. Close Quote . Trans. from the French by Keith Waldrop. Burning Deck, 2003. $5.

Lee Ann Brown. The Sleep That Changed Everything . Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2003.

Laynie Browne. Pollen Memory . NYC: tender buttons press, 2003. And:

India Rafar. the desire to meet with the beautiful . NYC: tender buttons press, 2003.

Note on these two books by Jeanne Heuving: Process, Consciousness, and Meditation are hallmarks of twentieth century innovative poetry. These two tender buttons books emerge out of this trajectory and break off. Slowed down meditative rhythms still consciousness into different pathways: beautiful occluded memories sifting pollen as reluctant to say why.

Vahni Capildeo. No Traveller Returns . Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2003. Available via Amazon or at

Catalina Cariaga . Cultural Evidence . Subpress Collective, 2003. ISBN 0-9666303-5-1. $12.00.

Danielle Collobert. Notebooks, 1956-1978 . Trans. Norma Cole. Litmus Press, 2003. $12.

Catherine Daly. DaDaDa . Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2003.

Kari Edwards. Iduna . Oakland: O Books, 2003. See or contact O Books, 5729 Clover Drive, Oakland CA 94618.

Jocelyn Emerson. Sea Gate . Alice James Book, 2002. $12.95.

Zhang Er. Carved Water . Tinfish, 2003. $8. Design by Anne Sakutori.

Note: “Zhang Er, who was born in Beijing and moved to the USA in 1986, writes in Chinese, then translates her poems into English with various collaborators. Carved Water was accomplished with renowned slam poet, Bob Holman, combining her lyricism with his performative panache, the East River with the Yangtze.”

[Two] Factorial is now available! Featuring collaborative work by: Sarah Ann Cox & Yedda Morrison & Elizabeth Treadwell; Caroline Presnell & Bobbie West & April West; Kerri Sonnenberg & Sawako Nakayasu; Sue Landers & Natasha Dwyer; Octavia Orange & Accomplice; Fiona Templeton & Anthony Howell; Zara Houshmand & Tamiko Thiel among many others, & a few anonymous contributors. Ordering info at

Kathleen Fraser. hi ddevioleth i dde violet . Nomados, 2003. $12.00.

Elisabeth A. Frost. The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry . University of Iowa Press, 2003.

Rosemary Griggs. Sky Girl . Fence Books, 2003. $12.

Matthea Harvey. Sad Little Breathing Machine . Graywolf Press, 2004. $14.

Lyn Hejinian. My Life in the Nineties . New York: Shark Books, 2003. $12.

Lyn Hejinian. The Fatalist . Richmond, California: Omnidawn, 2003. $12.95.

Note by Juliana Spahr: “Hejinian's work often demonstrates how poetry is a way of thinking, a way of encountering and constructing the world, one endless utopian moment even as it is full of failures. The Fatalist is one more wonderful explanation.”

Fanny Howe. Tis of Thee . Berkeley: Atelos Press, 2003. Includes a CD with music by Miles Anderson, directed by Nya Patarinos.

Fanny Howe. The Wedding Dress: Mediations on Word and Life . University of California Press, 2003.

Susan Howe. The Midnight . San Francisco and New York: New Directions, 2003.

Note by Romney Steele: “always a reading that takes several readings.”

Brenda Iijima. Around Sea . Oakland: O Books, 2004. See or contact O Books, 5729 Clover Drive, Oakland CA 94618.

Note: “A time-space convergence like traveling, compact and large at once. A series, the parts of the poem (as one is reading) is one place, the present — which cumulatively and at once is many places in the same time.”

Lisa Jarnot. Black Dog Songs . Chicago: Flood Editions, 2003. $13.

Julie Kalendek. Our Fortunes . Burning Deck, 2003. $10.

Christine Kennedy. Possessions . Sheffield: Cherry on the Top Press, 2003. Contact: 29 Vickers Road, Firth Park, Sheffield S5 6UY. £3.

Faye Kicknosway. Mixed Plate . New & Selected Poems. Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2003. .

Melissa Kwasny, ed. Toward the Open Field: Poets on the Art of Poetry . Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2004. Forthcoming in June.

Susan Landers. 248 mgs., a panic picnic . Oakland: O Books, 2003. See or contact O Books, 5729 Clover Drive, Oakland CA 94618.

Lisa Lubasch. To Tell the Lamp. Penngrove , CA : Avec Books, 2004.

Sarah Mangold. Household Mechanics . Western Michigan University Press, 2002.

Heather McHugh. Eyeshot . Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan UP, 2003. Cloth, $20.

Deborah Meadows. The 60's and 70's from ‘The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby-Dick. ' Hawai`i: Tinfish Press, 2003. Contact Susan Schultz, 47-728 Hui Kelu Street No.9, Kane`ohe, Hawai`I, HI 96744. Designed and typeset by Stuart Henley.

Marianne Morris. Poems In Order and Gathered Tongue . Cambridge: Bad Press, 2003. Contact details:

Chus Pato. from m-Talá . Trans. from the Galician by Erín Moure. Nomados, 2003. $12.00.

Michelle Naka Pierce & Veronica Corpuz. TRI/VIA . Boulder, NY, Pittsburgh: Erudite Fangs / PUB LUSH, 2003.

Note by Joan Retallack: “That poetry can blast binaries to smithereens and follow the road of three (or more) is demonstrated with intelligence, wit and humour. TRI/VIA is a collaborative act of love.”

Alison Pick. Question & Answer . Polestar Book Publishers, 2003. $12.95.

Lisa Robertson. Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture . Astoria, Or: Clearcutpress, 2004. Contact:

Leslie Scalapino. Dahlia's Iris — Secret Autobiography + Fiction . Tallahassee: Fiction Collective 2, 2003.

Susan M. Schultz. No Guns, No Durian . Design by Ara Paylo. Tinfish Press: 2003. $7.

Note: “In this chapbook, whose title comes from the Cambodia diaries of Angelina Jolie, Schultz (herself the adoptive mother of a Cambodian child) de-composes some of the stories we tell about family and nation. In place of resemblance, she posits other forms of relation. ‘What breaks, finally, is blood and its thickness.'”

Snout no. 1, ed. Laura Wright. Features a small broadside of Simon Pettet plus poems from Eleni Sikelianos and Rachel Levitsky. Cover and (brilliant) Pettet poem letterpressed by Daron Mueller and Laura Wright. $10 (includes shipping) payable to Laura Wright 513 University Ave, Boulder, CO 80302.

Juliana Spahr. things of each possible relation hashing against one another . Limited edition. 32 pages, hand sewn binding. (ISBN 0-9743181-0-8) $10 includes S&H. Checks payable to Jane Sprague.

Note: “Australian ethnohistorian Greg Dening argues there are two views that define the Pacific: a view from the sea (the view of those who arrived from elsewhere) and the view from the land (those who were already there). things of each possible relation hashing against one another is a series of poems that opens with the view from the sea and end with the view from the land and are about the ecological hashing that happens as these two views meet in Hawai`i.”

Gertrude Stei.n. A Novel of Thank You . Reissue. IL: Dalkey Archive Press, March 2004. $12.95.

Mary Szybist. Granted . Alice James Books, 2003. $13.95.

Harriet Tarlo. Love / Land (Cambridge: Rem press, 2004). Please contact Lucy Sheerman on for details of distribution, etc.

Tinfish No. 13: The Dirty, Filthy & Mucky Issue. September 2003. Designed by Gay Chan and Stuart Henley. Including work by Carrie Takahata, Rebecca Stoddard, Janet Bowdan, Nicole Tomlinson, Naomi Long, Jane Sprague, Lissa Wolsak and many more. Available from 47-728 Hui Kelu St No. 9, Kane`ohe, HI 96744.

Ann Vickery. Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Women's Poetry . Forthcoming from Salt Publishing, 2004.

Rosmarie Waldrop. Blindsight . New Directions, 2003. $15.95.

Rosmarie Waldrop. Love, Like Pronouns . Omnidawn, 2003. $12.95.

Elizabeth Willis. Turneresque . Burning Deck, 2003. $10.


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