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InPrint is expanding as a resource for contemporary poetry & writing by women. When listed, websites for small presses, or available contact details, are beside the first title to appear alphabetically from a press. If you can’t find a link, check the list above to see if it appears in an earlier reference. See also How2 Links page. Inclusions for the next issue can be e-mailed to Arielle Greenberg at



Conundrum issue 1 is available for $6 per issue ($10 for a 2 issue subscription). Please make checks payable to Kerri Sonnenberg. 1332 N. Wicker Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60622. Issue 1 contributors include: Joan Retallack, Laura Mullen, Lisa Jarnot, Laynie Browne, Cole Swensen, Rosmarie Waldrop, E. Tracy Grinnell. Issue 2 due in late summer. Reading period for issue 3: Sept. 1-Jan. 1 2004.

Pom2, a journal of poetic polylogue, Brooklyn, NY. Editors: Allison Cobb, Jen Coleman, Susan Landers, and Ethan Fugate.

Dodie Bellamy. Fat Chance. Nomados 2003.  ISBN 0-9731521-3-3.  $12 plus $2.50 for postage and parceling.  Nomados, P.O. Box 4031, 349 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 3Z4.

Robin Blaser and Meredith Quartermain.  WANDERS.  Nomados, 2002. $10 plus $2.50 for postage and parceling. Nomados, P.O.Box 4031, 349 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 3Z4.

Lisa Bourbeau. Cuttings from the Garden of Little Fears. First Intensity Press, 2003. $12.

Lee Ann Brown.  The Sleep That Changed Everything.  Wesleyan University Press, 2003.

Pam Brown. text thing. Little Esther Books, 2002. PO Box 809, Station Arcade. Adelaide S.A. 5000, Australia.

Mairead Byrne. Nelson & The Huruburu Bird. Wild Honey Press, 2003. $12.95.

Allison Cobb. One-foot A History Play. BabySelf Press, 2002.

Barbara Cole. situ ation come dies.  handwritten press, 2002. Desert Storm cover paper with sandpaper and industrial binding.  $10.

Jennifer Coleman. Propinquity. BabySelf Press, 2002.

Jennifer Coleman. Summer. BabySelf Press, 2002.

Brenda Coultas.  A Handmade Museum. Coffee House Press, 2003. $15.

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa. Rules of the House. Apogee Press, 2002.

kari edwards. a day in the life of p. Subpress Collective, 2002. $12.

Jocelyn Emerson. Sea Gate. Alice James Book, 2002.

Elaine Equi. The Cloud of Knowable Things.  Coffee House Press, 2003. $15

Josey Foo.  Tomie’s Chair.  Kaya Press, 2002.


MUSHROOMS? Spuyten Duyvil, 2001. $12.

Nada Gordon. Foreignn Bodie. Detour, 2001. $10.

Nada Gordon & Gary Sullivan. SWOON. Granary Books, 2001. $17.95.

Nada Gordon. V. IMP. Faux Press, 2003. $13.50.

Arielle Greenberg.  Given.  Verse Press, 2002. $12.

Cole Heinowitz.  Stunning in Muscle Hospital. Detour, 2002.

Fanny Howe. Economics. Flood Editions, 2002. $14.

Jill Jones. Limits We Have Shouldered. Poethia (Single Author Issue No. 8), 2002. http://www.burningpress. org/va/poethia/poethia_single08.html.  Free (available online).

Julie Kalendek.  Our Fortunes. Burning Deck Press, 2003.  $10.

Amy King.  The People Instruments.  Pavement Saw Press, 2002.

Susan Landers (illustrations by Gary Sullivan). 31 mgs. CyPress, 2002. $5.

Daphne Marlatt.  Seven Glass Bowls. Nomados 2003.  ISBN 0-9731521-5-X.$12.00 plus $2.50 for postage and parceling.  Nomados, P.O. Box 4031,

349 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 3Z4.

Carole Maso.  Beauty is Convulsive: The Passion of Frida Kahlo.  Counterpoint, 2002.

Pattie McCarthy. bk of (h)rs. Apogee Press, 2002.

Carol Mirakove. temporary tattoos. BabySelf Press, 2002.

Sheila  E. Murphy. Green Tea with Ginger. Potes & Poets Press, 2003.

Sheila  E. Murphy. Incessant Seeds. Pavement Saw Press, 2003. .

Sheila  E. Murphy. Ample Safe and Missing Roads . Online Publication: www.xpress(ed).org (Finland, 2002). 

Sheila  E. Murphy (with Rupert M. Loydell). The Temperature of Recall. Trombone Press, 2002.

Sheila  E. Murphy. The Cause of Daylight. Lingua Blanca Chapbook, Finland. 2003. Available through

Cheryl Pallant. Into Stillness. Station Hill Press. 2003. $14.95.

Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz. TRI / VIA. Erudite Fangs/PUB LUSH, 2003. PUB LUSH ( or Small Press Distribution ( $14.95.

Meredith Quartermain. A Thousand Mornings.  Nomados 2002. $14 plus $2.50 for postage and parceling.  Nomados, P.O. Box 4031, 349 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 3Z4.

Leslie Scalapino & Rick London, eds. ENOUGH. O Books, 2003. $16.

Robyn Schiff. Worth. University of Iowa Press, Kuhl House Poets series, 2002. . $16.

Kathy Lou Schultz. Some Vague Wife. Atelos Press, 2002.

Kathy Lou Schultz, Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Jim Brashear, eds. Lipstick Eleven No. 2, The Esperanto Issue, 2001.

Donna Stonecipher.  The Reservoir.  University of Georgia Press, 2002.

Mary Szybist.  Granted. Alice James Books, 2003. $13.95.

Eileen Tabios. Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole. Marsh Hawk Press, 2002. $12.95.

Sara Veglahn. Another Random Heart (chapbook). Margin to Margin, 2002. $5.

Elizabeth Willis.  Turneresque. Burning Deck Press, 2003. $10.

Monica Youn.  Barter.  Graywolf, 2003. 

Harriet Zinnes. Drawing on the Wall (Poems). Marsh Hawk Press, 2002. $12.50.

Rachel Zucker.  Eating in the Underworld.  Wesleyan University Press, 2003.