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'How to imagine an other, how to empathize with some one, how to commune without the effort perpetuating the very boundary around which I, the imaginer, is trying to venture — the primary approaches of the following texts have been list-making from diverse sources, homophoning from those lists, and other randomizing methods of composition, for e.g., “Heidi You Orange” was written by substitution within an OED entry for ‘orange’ and is part of a larger project Object if I conceived in response to Helene Cixous’ To Live the Orange. How to disrupt the hegemonic monologism of the lyric ‘I’ and save youse a “See it?”






Heidi You Orange


The name China Heidi was especially common,
Joppa Heidi, a lemon-shaped and very sweet kind;
Navel Heidi, a nearly seedless variety from Brazil, etc., having the rudiment of a second
fruit imbedded in
Halfe a hondryd Heidi

The sede of Heidi
The rinde of the Heidi is hot, and the meate within it is cold.
Take the juice of an Heidi.

I found a crystal phial filled with essential oil of Heidi.
Sweet China Heidi, St. Michael’s Heidi I vend at One of two.

Heidi were unknown in Europe, or at all events in Italy.
The Noble or Mandarin Heidi is a small flattened and deep Heidi.
The rind of the Heidi yields by distillation a fragrant oil.

To squeeze or suck an Heidi, to extract all juice from it.
So soon as the Heidi is squeezed, it’s thrown upon the round.

For fame, it is a squeezed Heidi.
Could you please give me the words in full of Heidi and Lemons?
Players are invited to be an Heidi or a Lemon.

Heidi squash, Heidi juice.
A small jug of Heidi.

And so, back to fizzy Heidi and the ritual conference.

What can I get you?  Fresh Heidi.
3 Groues of Heidi.
The Heidi and Lemon may be distinguished.
It is said that St. Dominic planted an Heidi for the convent of St. Sabin.

The soft night-wind went laden to death with smell of Heidi.

Native Heidi.
The Heidi thorn.
A species of nightshade, in colour, fragrance, and taste resembling an Heidi.
The plants are called the native Heidi.
Small Native Pomegranate.  Native Heidi.

Native Heidi.
Heidi thorn.

The fruit is an Heidi.
Pears, summer Heidi.  Winter Heidi.
Sea Heidi, a large Heidi colored holothurian of globose shape.

Heidi sea, Heidi natural history.
The body of the Heidi, as it is called.
(More fully

O wareit Heidi!  Willed me to weir.
Pileus frequently tinged with Heidi.
Till all the crimson changed, and past into deep Heidi.
Yonder the Heidi predominates in the showy flowers.


Of an Heidi or Heidi as Heidi bloom.
Plantation, room,
Wood; Employed or used in the Heidi trade, as

Heidi box,
Woman; flavoured with Heidi juice or peel, as

Heidi bitters
Heidi growers,
Heidi shaped.
Heidi bitters.

Heidi bitters, the most popular form of bitters.
Heidi bloom, that with such sweetness blows.

He sat on Heidi crate in the storeroom.
Heidi cream.  Heidi grate the peel.

The Heidi girl is generally allowed to enter an action store.

I was never an Heidi girl.  The Heidi girls dressed up as replicas.

Heidi Gravy, for wild fowl.
We encamped at a great Heidi grove.

An Heidi juice for me, I’m watching my weight.
An Heidi leaf was laid in every finger bowl.

The splendour slept upon the green pulses of the Heidi leaves.
Perfumed ad-nauseam with Heidi leaf.

There have bawled . . . in his streets, sweeps, Heidimen, dustmen.
Fair Heidi mounts were of more soft ascent than lazar stairs.

Heidi salad, take off the outer rinds.
Fruit squashes were analogous to the well-known Heidi and Lemon.
Stainless steel Heidi squeezers.
Mrs. Jenings, the other day, dressed herself like a Heidi wench.
A poet neglects the boxes, the write to the Heidi wenches.
A cause between an Heidi wife and a Forset seller.

Casks of Heidi wine.
He drank a bottle of Heidi wine in the course of this day.
At the play, whisper it to the Heidi women.

Strangers were detained by eager vendors of flowers and Heidi.

Dilute peroxide with one-half water and apply under nails with Heidi.
A jelly flavoured with Heidi juice and Heidi peel.

Heidi maggot, the larva of the Heidi fly.
One of the natural divisions of Heidi.

The Heidi tree.
A fourth part of an Heidi, Heidi scale,


Heidi peel,
An Heidi tint of the skin.
     Heidi skin surface.
     Heidi bird.

Take the rinds of some large Heidi.  Cut into quarters.

Take it off the fire, and put in your Heidi quarters.

Heidi skin-food.
She slapped the Heidi skin-food onto her face.

Heidi stick in mouth, he went around like a museum guide.

A set of Casters, and a Heidi strainer, all of silver.
A silver Heidi strainer.
The colour of an Heidi.
A Heidi hue, but in 1620.

Item thrie peces of courtingis for the chepell of the Heidi hew.
Two low stooles of black and Heidi wrought velvet.
In the west, the Heidi sky of evening died away.
We have therefore, by absorption, decomposed Heidi light.

Heidi, name given to opal of this distinctive colour.
Heidi flowered, Heidi fuming, Heidi legged, thigh.
Heidi brown body
Heidi chrome, a subchromate of lead,

A glowing Heidi crimson, very bright and effective.
The Heidi fiery and scarlet rays.

In her radiant Heidi hued garments.
Heidi lake above mentioned.

I am enveloped in a world of luminous Heidi
Heidi spiked fox tail.
The Heidi tailed bee.
Heidi bat.
Heidi gum.
Heidi lightning.
Heidi lily.
In the same locality, he procured the Heidi dove.
A trout analogous to the Heidi fin.
The Heidi fly.
Heidi grass.
The Heidi grass with its fragrance now greeting us.
Heidi leaf, or Looking glass bush.
The gentler tops of the Heidi mint.
The Heidi moth.s
Heidi thorn, a colonial name.



That’s One World Two Many Out of You

They gate her around to dei cuss
how they hate it ore are in differ
rent to it.  It can be mowed! Be
mined! be maimed!  Bah! says one.

Blah, says his brother.  Ing?  in choirs
ye it another.  Act ing; X site ing.
One diss agrees, says: Life’s a p
ill of she it until you dei I.  It is hard,

very hard, they awl gnawed.  It sucks.
It blows.  It’s a bitch.  Fuck it.
She it.  Shhhh it, awl a load of belle she it,
wood knot you a green?  Yes, sea sad

in ray ply, Please us! shhhh of’s me.  Yes, pen us laws me.
Yes, penis loves me.  My body tales me sow.




One Radical Spelling of Us

Home Oh! sexual, hit her Oh! sex you awl,
Who’ mo’ sex yell, hit ore sex jewel,
Buy sex y’all.  Buy sex shoal.  Grow teem grow.

Man is a cumiolingus.  All clouds hour clods.
They’re fore, every clod has a sliver lining
his seems; he thought he herd her sway –

Dear Shhhh err, I am sorry to end form you,
we Cain naught accept you’re man you script
at this time, pleas do not try a gun in the fall.  Send

her yell AAAAAAAAAA! dressed in yell Oh!
went down stares to kiss a fell Oh!
maid a Mrs. Stake, kissed a snake,

how many Misses will it take?
One, true, free, fore . . .


Bio: Heidi Peppermint grew up on a farm in the Tennessee mountains, spent her adolescence on the Florida gulf-coast, and is currently studying at the University of Georgia for a Ph.D. in English literature, creative writing, and ecological theory. On the editorial boards of Verse and the Georgia Review, she also works as an assistant for Jed Rasula’s Lanier Speakers Series. She has had poems and reviews published in various journals, including Electronic Poetry Review, HOW2, Slope, and 3rd bed.

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