Kristin Prevallet

Working Note

In this textual reflection experiment, I used four pages from a copy of Samuel Beckett’s The Unnamable which I found sitting on top of a trashcan outside of a library. Given the prompt to create a reflection that in some way marked the passage of wind, I dropped India Ink blotches over the pages and allowed the wind to determine the direction of the flow. Of course, I was involved in rotating the pages, and so really this is more of a collaboration between myself and the wind. After allowing the pages to dry, I scanned them in Photoshop and then extracted the India Ink burrowings through the text. The snippets of words which remained behind determined the ultimate text that appears at the bottom of the page. Putting the two together to reflect each other marks the separation of the ink from the text, because ultimately the ink was not concerned with the words that it left visible, nor the ones that it covered up.

Humane Killer

The THink I Was Will Leave Me Willingly

Between Us, the Interval is a Sign of Adhesion

Bedtime Story


Bio: Kristin Prevallet is the author of Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image-Text Projects (Skanky Possum, 2002). She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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