Donia Gobar

Working Note

Our lives are influenced by our experiences, and in turn affect the very essence of our societies.  All forms of art are the outlets for the laughter and tears of our souls.   May we never limit or suppress the sounds of laughter and the flow of tears that express our souls and reflect upon life and humanity as we bear and feel it.  Through the years my tears have colored the images on any available surface I could have used—the image of the dead young boy at the gates of Masturat Hospital, the half empty milk bottle and his late arriving poor parents lost in grief, the crippled child on the side walks of Kabul, the little boy next to an empty Kraft cheese can thrown away by the rich and...and...Yet my laughter finds its sound through the life’s descending cascades while I cherish the beauty of nature and the secret powers of truth and humanity, as in one of my poems, “What Am I?”,  I end it with:

I can hush the cry’s echo in hallow nights.
I look at the young green leaves,
And touch so tenderly
The yellow buttercups, the dew drops at dawns.
Yet, raindrops in gray twilights
Sadly pause and run on my soul,
And I smile a shrewd little smile,
While it hurts,
While it burns...
What am I?



(dedicated to the country of my birth)

Such a sad silence...
This bottom-less whirlpool of grief
Oo...the gasping airless senses
and the old dry tears
still burning,
on dusty ruins of Beloved Ariana
Did I hear her bitter laughter?
Did I hear Her whisper?,

“I Will Never Be Gone...
      I will never be gone...
           I will never be gone...”

Do You Know Me ?

I am in cold broken houses
On sizzling country roads
In dark alleys of glorious cities
In hospital corridors
On the steps of forgotten shacks
In the age of electronics...

I am there, where you live.
I am breathing, a helpless child,
a fragment in adults’ game
forgotten in adults’ world...

Do you know me?

Bio: Donia Ghobar was born in Kabul Afghanistan.  She graduated as a M.D. from Kabul University Medical School and specialized in Obstetrics & Gynecology in University Hospital, (Masturat).  She also achieved a Master degree in Public Health (focusing on Mother & Child Health) at University of Michigan, has conducted research at University of Illinois, and specialized as Arztin (MD degree in Germany) for Algemeine Medizine (General Medicine) in West Berlin Urban Krankenhaus.  She undertook the National Teacher Examination in Virginia, and alternative teaching certificates in Massachusetts and Kansas.  She developed and instructs a health program for schools which promotes a concept of health that views healthy minds as responsible for healthy and humanistic societies beyond somatic health.  Her daughter (only child) is attending medical school at USA. Her hobbies are art, creative writing, and sculpture.  She is a Pittsburgh Art Council Board member, and founder of the True Humanity club (  She has had art exhibitions at George Mason University, Virginia (Society of Afghan Artists, 1999), PAACA (1999, 2000, 2001), Fort Scott, Kansas (2000), and at  She has published “Aya” in Ten Top Short Stories of 1994 (English) and in Dunya-e-Jawanan and Afghanmagazine (Lemar- Aftaab). Another short story, “Gozashta-ha-e-mun ‘My pasts’” has appeared in Paymaana.  Others such as “Zaire Sapeedar-ha-e Kohan -‘Under the Old Silvery Aspens,’” Too Ham Khnok Khoordi?-’Are you too cold?’, “Zair-e Noor-e Maah- ‘Under the Moon Light’” have appeared in various magazines and newspapers in Kabul, Afghanistan.  She won the International Poe t of Merit Award 2000-2001, Editor’s Choice Award, and Poetry’s Elite—Best Poets of Year 2000 (International Society of Poets), and is on the Sound of Poetry CD (International Society of Poets). Her website publications have been at Poetry .com, Why Project, Dunya-e-Jawanan magazine, and Afghanmagazine (Lemar-Aftaab).  Her sculpture has appeared in  Overseas magazine (cover) and Scala magazine.

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