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New Writing:

“Textual Reflexions”: Redell Olsen:

Reflexion: a turning, bending or folding aside, back, or downwards: folding upon itself: rebound: change of direction when an electro magnetic wave or soundwaves strikes on a surface and is thrown back: reflected light, colour, heat, etc.: an image in a mirror (production of) a mirror image of a line or figure (by reflecting it in an axis of symmetry): the action of the mind by which it is conscious of its own operations: a thought or utterance resulting from contemplation: censure or reproach.

“Southern Perils: Writing from the South”: Camille Martin:

NB. Deadline for submissions: July 1 2002.

A special section featuring experimental women poets of the South. Submissions up to 8 pages of poetry are welcome from women poets who currently reside in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, or Tennessee.


Some of the subsections we will be featuring include:

Lola Ridge Feature: Catherine Daly:

Rosmarie Waldrop Feature: Kornelia Freitag:

“Eros and Sexuality”: Jeanne Heuving:

In-Conference: Hilda Bronstein:

Kathy Lou Schultz:

Translations: Sawako Nakayasu:

Work/book: Arielle Greenberg:

Forum: to be announced shortly

Multimedia: to be announced shortly


Hilda Bronstein (UK):

Eileen O'Malley Callahan (USA):

Deb Comerford (Australia):

Lisa Docherty (New Zealand):

Kathleen Fraser (USA):

Kornelia Freitag (Germany):

Elisabeth Frost (USA)

Arielle Greenberg (USA):

Jeanne Heuving (USA):

Linda Kinnahan (USA):

Kimberly Lamm:

Anya Lewin (UK):

Nicole Markotic (Canada):

Marina Morbiducci (Italy):

Renata Morresi (Italy):

Sawako Nakayasu (USA):

Frances Presley (UK):

Linda Russo (USA):

Kathy Lou Schultz (USA):

Susan Schultz (USA):

Jo Ann Wasserman (USA):

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