Kim Rosenfield, Excerpts from “Verbali”


Recuperate krylon cocoa
Recipe brindled aromatics
Predisposed to sensorial schedules daily kaka
Diffusion of disgust
Creation of a network for each agent who participates
in rotting cocoa (pleading of tasting).

The marriage must be celebrated.  I unite 1/2 oleo with the Noble Old!  The Noble

Let me lead you to the base of the brain of the cocoa.  Distilled 100% in mother-bath and limbic ram.  Each time a stoppered bottle comes to penetrate the plantagenates of cocoa, from that thing in the memory, to a time when the earth will be perfumed with cocoa.

The Cult of Cocoa

The cult of Cocoa signifies a belief in gusto and
1) Information of consumerism
2) Conservation of our biodiversity

DON’T SLEEP but combat the logic of the marketplace which has produced a uniform taste and almost extinction of cocoa.  DON’T SLEEP but rise up from the forest and press on the art of respect and patrimonial genetics of each variety borne on an ecosystem complete and delicate.  The noble and oily seeds of the Ancient and New Worlds.

DON’T SLEEP but be a protagonist in this romance of the knight of cocoa”

DON’T SLEEP – bear the logo of cocoa – the rose of cocoa – the corsair flag, all integral ambience.  The forested heritage raining commercialized national genes

DON’T SLEEP but be recognized throughout the world for cruel originality

92% of the harvest of the world will be less pregnant (a bottom taste of razzmatazz and astringency, a grade of superior fermentation)

In this great centennial year, cocoa lives in a salvaged state, declining the best from a vital circle. Interdependent, needing the shade of the banana tree and humid earth

Give me mud, parrots, and small meatballs which are the favorites of cocoa.  Gas, abandoned and gushing from the decomposing fruit of the brain.  Safeguards signify the extinction of pocket-space from the hands of men. Durations of tonsillitis materializing in a war in which we can’t loose our heads.  Undesirable dispersions of viscosity

DON’T SLEEP but be natural and rich like a fruit in season 

Why are secondary aromas so important?
Because there exists a certain + correlation between aromatic traits on the one hand and persistent sweetness and roundness on the other

Esmereldas, warm tropical scent.
The freshness of spring foam, the strabismus of Venus, aftertaste of golden tobacco.

Frankness, the synthesis of the 3 balances of elegance thanks to a soft, fine brush stroke
Porcelana – the pearl of elegance, ricotta in its elegance



(Grazie per pensare)



Best Wishes to all you enamourds

Love is an aspect of perfume splendour lacquer
baking soda ocean ferns air song

Venus cleanses and tones people who take by the hand their kisses 
Walk through the door of this here night 
But people who lead, they are not next
they never will be the people who are next

(The weasel with a branch of rue)

Victory loves care
(The oyster opening in the sun)
Deservedly precious, she came forth from the sky and the sea





Like every year, you risk to create a speculative.  One of the major curiosities will be the presence of the subconscious of Luciano Pavorotti (and Caroline of Monaco who milks her son with love)

Another year and the pharmacy becomes indispensible.  Panorama of medicine.  After having mated a giraffe’s head with a woman of the world and three months before the state proclaimed him the sexiest man of the year, this fascinating actor crescendos (contrary to fathers, doting, and steely auto-controlled)

No.  A woman with propane in the dreams of her desires emphatically adds acid to the presence of another woman and of a child.  The public feminine, a night of underdog love
Napoleon is happy anywhere

What estate becomes a city of the world?

Impaired, strange language, important for your tomorrows 
Important to keep you gassed and also experienced 
Unforgettable, to bring a dove who has a tongue and speaks to us 
A local, international dove, consecrated ragamuffin of 50 Easters 
The spy who studies becomes peaceful and also diverting!



I am woman
I am not demented
extravagant, singular, extracted, curious, counter-current, nor of a volcanic and electric nature

I will continue on this road to master my passions
Fishing for allure, style, and fascism of man
What body do you want?
Marvels have allies

(A proverb recited each night, with every scandal, will ensure 3 days of marvels) 

In this region, in this world of ours, rich in grain and rubbed evidently with emotion, is truly the marvel of our fugue. With its negative and positive polarities like a manifesto of all animal states complete and befogged, resuscitated from memorabilia.  That is to say, from the most beautiful person that can provoke admiration and joy, in a word, blitz 

Marvels are not a simple surprise. Nor a co-payment for closure in time.  An alabaster core with something that we cannot visit but evaporates into quasi-existence.  Many volts to treat a funny piston

Bio: Kim Rosenfield is the author of 3 chapbooks of poetry: Some of Us (Ouija Madness Press) published when she was 15, Rx and cool clean chemistry (Leave Books), and A Self-Guided Walk (Object Editions poetscoop).  Her most recent book, Good Morning—Midnight— is forthcoming from Roof Books in the fall of 2001.

She has been an editor for Shiny and Object magazines and was included in the Sun & Moon Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry 1993-94.  Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals including Object, Shiny, Torque, Crayon, and Chain.

Since 1995, Rosenfield has been working on a collaborative project, 2,000 Insults, with the painter Jean Foos.  She spent the millennium year living in Florence, and currently lives in NYC with her husband, poet Robert Fitterman, and their daughter Coco.  She is also a psychotherapist in private practice.



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