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InPrint is expanding as a resource for contemporary poetry & writing by women. Websites for small presses, or available contact details, are listed beside the first title to appear alphabetically from a press. If you can’t find a link, check the list above to see if it appears in an earlier reference. See also How2 Links page. Inclusions for the next issue can be e-mailed to Kate Fagan:


InPrint Issue 6 How2

Beth Anderson. In Residence. Pressed Wafer, 2000. $5.00

Rae Armantrout. Pretext. Green Integer, 2001.

Lisa Asagi and Gaye Chan. Twelve Scenes From 12 a.m. and Physics. Tinfish limited editions, 2001. Fold out as maps. 2 for $7.00. or postal address: 47-728 Hui Kelu St no.9, Kane‘ohe, HI 96744 USA

Caroline Bergvall. Goan Atom. San Francisco: Krupskaya, 2001. $9.00

Jen Bervin. under what is not under. Potes & Poets, 2001. $11.00

Judith Beveridge. Peregrine. Vagabond, 2001.

George Bornstein. Material Modernism: The Politics of the Page. Cambridge UP, 2001. Covers Marianne Moore.

Andrea Brady. Vacation of a Lifetime. Salt, forthcoming 2001. $12.95

Brad Bucknell. Literary Modernism and Musical Aesthetics: Pater, Pound, Joyce and Stein. Cambridge UP, forthcoming October 2001.

Leslie Bumstead and Rod Smith (eds). Crow. Edge, 2001. $6.50. Includes poetry by Lee Ann Brown, Jean Donnelly, Lisa Jarnot, Katy Lederer, Bernadette Mayer, Harryette Mullen, Alice Notley, Elizabeth Willis & Amy Wright.

Mary Burger. Thin Straw That I Suck Life Through. Brooklyn: Melodeon Poetry Systems, 2000.

Kate Campbell (ed). Journalism, Literature and Modernity. Keele UP, 2000.

Robin Caton. The Color of Dusk. Omnidawn, 2001.

Maxine Chernoff. World. Salt, forthcoming 2001. $12.95

Norma Cole. Spinoza In Her Youth. Omnidawn, forthcoming 2002.

MTC Cronin. Bestseller and Talking to Neruda’s Questions. Sydney: Vagabond, July 2001. Aus$24 each (includes postage). or Vagabond Press, PO Box 80 Newtown NSW 2042 AUSTRALIA

Lidija Cvetkovic. War is not the Season for Figs. Vagabond, 2001.

Beverly Dahlen. A Reading Spicer & 17 Sonnets. Chax, forthcoming February 2002.

Alex Davis and Lee M. Jenkins (eds). Locations of Literary Modernism: Region and Nation in British and American Poetry. Cambridge UP, 2000.

Patricia Dienstfrey. Girl Riding Through the Story Garden. Kelsey St, 2001 (see this isse of How2).

Stacy Doris. Paramour. Krupskaya, 2000.

Johanna Drucker and Susan Bee. A Girl's Life. Full color trade edition with artwork by Susan Bee and writing and typography by Johanna Drucker. Granary, available late 2001. Drucker. $12.00

Nava Fader. Fears: a false translation (broadside). Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001.

The Germ. Issue 4, Spring 2000. $6.00. Includes work by Beth Anderson, Rae Armantrout, Brenda Bordofsky, Fran Carlen, Jean Day, Merrill Gilfillan, Elspeth Healey, Christine Hume, Nadine Maestas, Rachel Mayeri, Candace Pirnak, Cole Swensen, Elizabeth Robinson, Carol Szamatowicz, Elizabeth Treadwell, Rosmarie Waldrop, Jacqueline Waters, Karen Weiser.

Madeline Gleason. Collected Poems: 1919-1979. Edited by  Christopher Wagstaff. Talisman, 2000. $21.95

Jenny Gough. Mary & Shelley’s Fair Copy Book. Potes & Poets Press, 2000. $12.00

Arielle Greenberg. Splitting (broadside). Forthcoming in the Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001.

Barbara Guest and Kevin Killian. OFTEN (a play). Issue 11 of Kenning Summer chapbook series, July 2000. See also Guest’s collaboration with visual artist Laurie Reid.

Julie Harrison and Lewis Warsh. Debtor's Prison. Granary, forthcoming Fall 2001.

J.S.Harry. Sun Shadow Moon Shadow. Sydney: Vagabond 2000 (see this issue of How2).

Lyn Hejinian. A Border Comedy. Granary, forthcoming 2001.

Lyn Hejinian and Emilie Clark. The Lake. Granary, forthcoming (see this issue of How2).

Susan Howe & Susan Bee. Bed Hangings. Granary, 2001. Collaboration featuring artwork by Bee and text by Howe (see this issue of How2). $14.95

Coral Hull. Bestiary. Salt, forthcoming in 2001.

Coral Hull and John Kinsella. Zoo. Sydney: Paper Bark, 2000. Aus$20.85

Interlope. Innovative Asian-American writing. Issue 5 ‘The All South-Asian Issue’ June 2000. Issues 1-4 now in second printing, including work by Tina Celona, Jessica Chiu, Pamela Lu, Sawako Nakayasu, Sian Ngai.

Alice Jones. Extreme Directions (The 54 Moves of Tai Chi Sword). Omnidawn, forthcoming 2002.

Lisa Kana`e. Sista Tongue. Tinfish limited, forthcoming 2001. Essay/memoir on being a pidgin (Hawaiian Creole English) speaker.

Karen Knight and Sue Moss (eds). Interior Despots: Running the Border. Tasmania: Pardalote press, August 2001. Showcases the work of Tasmanian writers along work by other Australian writers. Includes work by Terry White Beach, MTC Cronin, Sarah Day, Coral Hull, Emma Lew, Dorothy Porter, Angela Rockel, Shane Rowlands, Fiona Winning.

Susan Landers. fable for little fishes. Forthcoming in Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001.

Sarah Law. The Baptism of the Neophytes. Mudlark e-zine poster series (14), 2000. See also the Mudlark ‘flash poems’ site (2001) for work by various women writers.

Denise Liddell Lawson. Contingent Ardor. Kelsey St, 2001.

Bronwyn Lea. Flight Animals. University of Qld Press, 2001.

Karen Lessing. In the Aviary of Voices. Shearsman, 2001. £6.50

Kate Lilley. Versary. Salt, forthcoming 2001.

Lynn Lonidier. The Rhyme of the Ag-ed Mariness: Last Poems by Lynn Lonidier. Edited by Janine Canan with foreword by Jerome Rothenberg. Station Hill/Barrytown, 2001. $14.95

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk. Ogress Oblige. Krupskaya, 2001. $9.00

Stefanie Marlis. Fine. Apogee, 2001. Finalist for the Bay Area book reviews award.

Pattie McCarthy. Bk of (h)rs. Apogee, forthcoming 2001.

Emily McVarish. Was Here. Granary, forthcoming 2001. Features artwork and text.

Meanjin Special Poetics Issue, August 2001. Includes ‘A matter of poetry’ forum with Lisa Bellear, Pam Brown, Alison Croggon, MTC Cronin, Geraldine McKenzie, Tracy Ryan. Also work by Rachel Buchanan, Natasha Cho, Wednesday Kennedy, Mez, Gig Ryan, Hazel Smith, Ania Walwicz. Free spoken word CD included.

Laura Moriarty. Nude Memoir. Krupskaya, 2000. $9.00

Mark S. Morrison. The Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences, and Reception, 1905-1920. U of Wisconsin P, 2000.

Eileen Myles. SKIES: New Poems. Black Sparrow Press, 2001.

Sawako Nakayasu. Balcony Play. Forthcoming in Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001.

Maggie O’Sullivan. Red Shifts. Etruscan, 2001. £7.50

Outlet Issue 7 ‘Heroines.’ Double Lucy, 2001. Features poetry and critical work by women, and includes a forum on ‘obscured’ female literary figures. Issue 8 ‘Paradise’ forthcoming December 2001.

Cheryl Pallant. Uncommon Grammar Cloth. Station Hill/Barrytown, 2001. $14.95

Marjorie Perloff. 21st-Century Modernism.  Blackwell, forthcoming November 2001.

Susan Pfisterer. Griefbox and Other Plays. Salt, forthcoming 2001. $15.95

Anne Portugal. Nude. Translated by Norma Cole. Kelsey St, 2001.

Kristin Prevallet. Red. 2nd Story, 2001. $5

Patrick J Quinn and Steven Trout, eds. The Literature of the Great War Reconsidered: Beyond Modern Memory. New York: Palgrave, 2001.

Pam Rehm. Gone To Earth. Flood Editions, 2001. $10.00. Available from SPD

Bhanu Kapil Rider. The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers. Kelsey St, 2001.

Elizabeth Robinson. Harrow. Omnidawn, 2001.

Martha Ronk. Displeasures of the Table. Green Integer, 2001.

Kim Rosenfield. Sisters Under the Mink (broadside). Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001 (see this issue of How2).

Zan Ross. Je Ne Sais Quoi. Vagabond, 2000.

Elaine Rumboll. Painted Stains. Barefoot Press (South Africa), e-zine.

Gig Ryan. Heroic Money. Melbourne: Brandl & Schlesinger, 2001.

Jocelyn Saidenberg. Cusp (winner of the 2001 Francis Jaffer Book Award). Kelsey St, 2001.

Jocelyn Saidenberg. Immure (pamphlet). Lucille ephemera series, Double Lucy, 2001.

Salt Volume 12 ‘Working Conditions.’ Salt, December 2000. Includes work by Nina Berberova, Alison Croggon, Kate Fagan, Kathleen Mary Fallon, J.S.Harry, Felicity Holand, Dorothy Hewett, Coral Hull, Lisa Jarnot, Michelle Leggott, Kate Lilley, Geraldine McKenzie, Dorothy Porter, Tracy Ryan, Candice Ward, Terri-Ann White. $17.95

Leslie Scalapino & Marina Adams. The Tango. Granary, forthcoming in 2001. Serial poem by Scalapino and artwork by Adams.

Jani Scandura and Michael Thurston (eds). Modernism, Inc: Body, Memory, Capital.  New York UP, forthcoming 2001. * Editor’s Recommendation

Shi Shumei et al. The Lure of the Modern: Writing Modernism in Semicolonial China, 1917-1937. U of California P, 2001.

Eleni Sikelianos. Earliest Worlds. Coffee House Press, 2001. Available from SPD. $14.95

Skanky Possum. Spring 2001 issue includes work by Beth Murray, Elaine Equi, Ann Erickson, Nancy Kangas, Amy King, Ange Mlinko, Kristen Prevallet, Diane di Prima and Diane Wald.

Andrew Smith and Jeff Wallace (eds). Gothic Modernisms. Palgrave 2001. Covers Djuna Barnes.

Juliana Spahr. PowerSonnets. Self-Publish or Perish, 2000.

Stand Magazine. New series, Volume 2 no.3 (September 2000). Features new writing from New Zealand including Barbara Anderson, Diana Bridge, Charlotte Grinshaw, Dinah Hawkins and Elizabeth Smither.

Cole Swensen. Oh. Apogee, 2001. Winner of an AIGA design award.

Michael Szalay. New Deal Modernism: American Literature and the Invention of the Welfare State. Duke UP, 2000.  Covers Gertrude Stein.

Michelle A. Taylor. Bloom. Vagabond, 2001.

Heather Thomas. Resurrection Papers. Chax, forthcoming November 2001.

Tinfish Number 10, 2001. Includes work by Marcia Arrieta, Cheryl Burket, joanne burns, Irene Catelina, Gaye Chan, Aja Couchois Duncan, Michele Leggott, Elizabeth Robinson, Karen Satteson, caroline sinavaiana-gabbard, Hazel Smith, Juliana Spahr, Eileen Tabois, Liz Waldner, Paige Wilmeth.

Tripwire. Issue Four, ‘Work.’ Winter 2000-2001. Includes work by Karen Brodine, Olga Cabral, Catherine Daly, Laura Elrick, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Eileen Myles, Camille Roy, Rosmarie Waldrop (with Carole Maso & C.D. Wright). Issue 5, ‘Expanding the Repertoire: Continuity and Change in African-American Writing’ Spring 2001, from the Small Press Traffic conference organized by Renee Gladman & Giovanni Singleton. Includes work by Wanda Coleman, Erica Hunt, Harryette Mullen, Julie Patton.

Cecilia Vicuna. Instan. Drawings and poetry in Spanish and English. Kelsey St, 2001.

Anne Waldman & Lewis Warsh (eds). Angel Hair Sleeps with a Boy in My Head: The Angel Hair Anthology. Granary, forthcoming in 2001. Includes writing by Joanne Kyger, Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, Hannah Weiner.

Liz Waldner. Etym(bi)ology. Omnidawn, forthcoming 2002.

Susan Wheeler. Source Codes. Salt, 2001. $12.95

Unica Zürn. Dark Spring. Translated and with an introduction by Caroline Rupprecht. Exact Change, 2000. $13.95

100 Days: an anthology. Barque, 2001. Artists respond to the first 100 days of the new Bush administration through poetry, prose, articles, cartoons, photographs, drawings. Includes work by Alicia Askenase, Lynn Bey, Andrea Brady, Tanya Brolaski, Allison Cobb, Catherine Daly, Rose Drew, Marcella Durand, Alison Fenton, Fay Gordon, Athena Kildegaard, Deirdre Kovac, Ange Mlinko, Phyllis Moore, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Lauren Oliver, the PIPA (Poetry Is Public Art) Collaborative, Kristin Prevallet, Elizabeth Robinson, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Kaia Sand, Heather Shaw, Margo Solod, Juliana Spahr, Gwen Stone, Elizabeth Treadwell, Anne Waldman, Elizabeth Willis, Laura Wright, Harriet Zinnes and Rosemary Zurlo-Cuva. $15.00


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