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Introduction by Jeanne Heuving

Emerging in 1983 at a time in which exclusionary identity politics often dominated feminist agendas, the small journal How(ever) defined itself more loosely and variously—as a site of exchange for women scholars and writers focused on innovative writing.  As Rachel Blau DuPlessis comments in her piece below, How(ever) and its electronic sequel HOW2 came to nurture four generations of women writers, including the dead, but recoverable early generation of modernist women writers who wrote at the beginning of the twentieth century.  How did this small, unprepossessing journal come to locate such wide spread writing energies? The following essays begin to establish a small archive of feminist scholarship on How(ever), no doubt the subject of more feminist scholarship to come.

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
"A few words about HOW(ever), 1983-1992"

Kathleen Fraser
The Jump: Editing HOW(ever)

Linda Kinnahan
"'A Peculiar Hybrid': The Feminist Project of HOW(ever)"

Elisabeth Frost
"HOW(ever)and Feminist Avant-Garde Tradition"

Ann Vickery
""Kathleen Fraser's Feminist Alternative: HOW(ever)" Extract from Chapter 6 of Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing (Hanover, NH and London: Wesleyan UP, 2000)"



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