THE END feal fall fail A good year so far Jealous David Cassidy now and forever Maggie took maths I slashed here Norris Mills is cool Red Head from you know how you will pass or die. Roy Llewellyn was here in civics 1975. GREEZ GOODBYE Cliff Marshall (Big D.) sat C.S.E. Physics in this desk and woke up when everyone had finished. And It Was Not Worth It. Leslie and Amage raped me here. Fucking Engling Exam. exam hate. Peter sat doing his 1966 C.S.E. Woodwork also exam science C.S.E. in 1966 and died of hard work RIZLA WOZ ERE ENGLISH MOK 1996. Do not vandalise the desks you vandals. Your sister's your mum. If you think you're cool and don't come to school you have no fucking way of passing your exams. Here I sit bored and vain that my poor brain has gone through that strain CYRIL CYRIL Paul Speers mum's a slag OK and a pro. SHARON TATE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FAILED 1976. here I am about to pass my loo 'O' level If at first you don't succeed then CHEAT. I'm Black I was born in a black family but how come my brother is white. Sonia Bailey died during a geography exam 1969 SOH CAH TOA don't go chasing. Julie for Jimmy. While she is sitting here Jimmy is having it off with Kerry and Julie don't know. I've got a big......... and hairy nice ere in it L. Savage was here. I say I failed my chemistry here but I havn't.