I have put a curse on this table so whoever has his exam on this table has failed. Fuck off about your curse because I'm sure to pass I just failed my electronics exam on 24th of May 1982 Punk mother fuckers I failed this shit and I'm going to be a road sweeper. Michelle was here failing her energy module test for double science. I failed my exams here. F.K. sat here thinking if only I had studied my D 'n' A Little Bog Creep. Sharon Seymour sat here in commerce and cheated Lyn Stowell sat behind her. Harvey sat opposite. Michelle has also failed her biology exams at this table. MASK Mark Jones of 9K took mock. M. Garcia sat here saying fuckin' el what's this. ANGEL Ring 671 0362 for a fucking good time. Simon Tedeschi I will love you always LUV Michelle Ryder Date Reference goods Goods Purchased Company from which goods came Muz sat in front. metabolism I failed my German here die FUED sprachen sie Deutsch wein. elimination like little boys 6 - 100 KALOUSE CHANTELLE Good Luck I am Leaving after 5 long years at this school 72 - 77 I've just done my last exam HA HA. I HOPE ALL YOU BASTARDS FAIL - LIFE BELT - Florence MC child practice 1977 I don't know the answer to my exam that's why I'm writing this shit Good Luck Big Head distance pressure work resistence mass volume force volts hope.