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(an annotated list of publications recommended by contributors & readers)

We are interested in what you are reading...send us title/author/publisher. Your recommendations need not be recently published works and may include collections of original writing or scholarship or books on artists, film-makers, etc. that have some bearing on Twentieth-century innovative directions taken by women. Please e-mail brief comments for POST(ed) to

New issues of journals recommended by Frances Presley (UK):

1. Southfields 5.2, 1999, ed. R. Friel, D. Kinlock & R.Price, 6 p.a.

Contact: Richard Price, 8 Richmond Rd, Staines TW18 2AB

This magazine focuses on Scottish poetry, though not exclusively. It includes poetry, translation and article/ reviews. It has an interest in independent or innovative poetry.

This issue contains a poem by the New Zealand poet Emma Neale: "Footnote to an historical index", as well as Frances Presley's essay on Denise Riley.

2. Make, 83 March-May 1999, 3, $8. ISSN 1365-8190. Published by the Women's Art Library.

This issue focuses on the currency of miniature. It includes an article by Stella Beddoe: "Towards an insect god, Queen Mab and the diminutive fairies," on the metamorphosis of fairies, from gods to insects, in literature. It also features "Nylon," an art gallery in the West London flat of art promoter Mary-Jane Aladren, with exhibits by artists such as Kate Scrivener, and her tiny fragments of writing on yellow plastic gloves. This issue also has an interesting debate on gender by Lisa Panting, writer and co-director of "Milch." She affirms that women do need to debate gender and analyse the dominant aesthetic in the public arena. She mentions mainstream women artists Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas who make work connected with the experience of "femaleness," but not as a continuation of feminist art history.

3.Women: a cultural review, 10(1), Spring 1999-05-18.

This issue features articles on the New Woman of the late 19c and early 20c. In the context of HOW2, I wanted to draw attention to Ana I. Parejo Vadillo's article: "New woman poets and the culture of the salon at the fin de siecle." To quote the abstract: "This paper looks at the space of the salon, and argues that the fin-de-siecle salon is a hybrid space between the privacy of writing and publicity of publication, and hence a crucial space for women poets."

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